Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicki's birthday...

Check it out!! I am 10!! ...Double Digits...

This used to be my dads...
now it belongs...

TO ME!!!!
Can you tell I am soooo excited??
Can you tell that Joe is thinking,
And...Uh...Nicki...don't you know that you don't know how to play the guitar??"
This is our "WHERE'S WALDO" picture...
Wait a minute...that is not Waldo!
That is my mom!!
She is in a PICTURE!
Stop the press~~Write a story~~Call Guiness!
This moment should be captured in time...oh wait, I think it is.
Whew I feel better!
Me and my 2 BFF's! Ella and Julia!!
I think I told you about them in my last years blog entry...but anyways, they are way cool and we had the best time and I think they are GREAT!!
By the do you like my glasses and my scarf and my earrings???

Can you believe MY mom made My BFF feed
MY sister on MY birthday??!!
You CAN believe that Ella LOVED it!! :)

What a FABULOUS birthday it was!! :)
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