Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary To US!!

For our 10 year anniversary, Tony and I took a trip to Victoria, BC. We have only been away by ourselves one time since being married, and this time was just a nice time. We got to see alot. It was nice not having the constant chatter of the kids. :) We actually got to have some conversation without interruption! Almost forgot what that was like. A few of the things we got to see: The Parliament Building, Royal BC Museum, Imax "Hurrican On The Bayou", The Empress Hotel. All things you can find on the internet if you want to read up on them. But for now, I will share some pictures with you.

This is a statue in front of The Parliament Building, honoring those who have fought in various wars.
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The Parliament Building.
Unfortunately the inside was closed during weekends.

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As we walked through the streets of Victoria...a few things made us think of family and friends. Mom...This one is for you. Except, should it be...Cattywampus??
This tree was very unique. It had so many branches, and they were entertwined throughout the whole tree.

Kerry and Nadine...

This one is for YOU! :)

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You could have a 15 minute horse carraige ride for only $50...
We opted out of that one...:)

The Taj Mahal...

Ok, not really, this is the Parliament Building at night. But it does look a bit like the Taj Mahal...

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The Royal BC Museum and The National Geographic Imax

We watched Hurrican On The Bayou here.

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This was the friendly seal who entertained us while we had lunch on the harbor. We were sitting there eating a GREAT plate of fish and chips, and along came this little fella. Quicker than a wink and he was gone though.
The Empress Hotel...This is where you can stay for $200-$900 a night. And if you would like a spot of tea, you can have afternoon tea for $40. (I do hear it is amazing...)

One of the many carvings we saw...

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THESE...were the dolphins we saw on the
way home. Just couldn't get a good picture...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Because...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From The Mouth Of A Farmers Son...

So...on Valentines day, we are sitting at the table enjoying our dinner. Everyone is chatting their normal Meier Family chatter, when all of a sudden the conversation takes a terrible turn. It went some thing like this:
Joe: (Completely out of the blue...) "Dad, do you think you can put mom into heat some time?"
I drop my fork.
Tony chokes on his KFC.
We both look at joe and Tony lets out a "What did you say??!!"
Joe: Well, I was wondering if you could put Mom into heat some time."
Tony: (Still choking. Me...silent.) "Joe, WHY would you ask that??"
Joe: "I have been thinking...and I thought it would be really neat if you could put mom into heat, then we could have alot more boys around here, and it would be so much fun."
Tony: Shakes his head.
Me: About to cry.
Tony: "I'll see what I can do Joe."
Tony: Swallows his choked on KFC.
Me: Feeling a need to walk away from the table.

Yes...this is a true story. My Joe. A true farmer. When he was 3, he tried to artificially inseminate me with a grocery bag (no joke...real story.) And at 7, he would like Dad to put me in heat... What on earth have I done to deserve this??

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!