Monday, June 6, 2011

Look! We have a skylight!

So the other day I was driving and was looking at the back of the house. All of a sudden I noticed it. A single hole in the roof of my new house. A hole? Did we order a skylight? I didn't. I am pretty sure Tony didn't. One of the chillen's might be pretty pleased to hear the builders messed up and put a skylight in their roof. Who should I confer with first? I call Tony.
Me: Hey. Is there supposed to be a skylight on the roof?
Tony: A skylight?
Me: Yes, a skylight. There appears to be one right above the kids bedroom.
Tony: A skylight?
Me: Yes. One lonely skylight.
Tony: I don't think there is a skylight on the plans.
Me: Oh ya, the plans. Should I look at the plans?
Tony: You can. Are you sure there is a skylight? We didn't want a skylight.
Me: Oh, the builder is here, I will talk to him.
Tony: Ok, let me know what they say.

So, I am still pondering the lonely skylight as I approach the builders. Kinda thinking, "Well, we didn't order one. But that middle room kid will sure have the coveted room now!" Anyways, I go over to the builder, who has a few other beefy builder type guys standing around him. I approach in my, I AM WOMAN...HEAR ME ROAR attitude. Quite proud I noticed their HUGE error before it was too late to fix it. Normally it isn't the woman who notices the very important details like this.
I admit...I am rather pleased with my discovery.
The conversation goes a little like this:
Me: Hey guys.
Guys: Hey.
Me: You know, I was checking things out around here,
*(Fearing they might think I was checking THEM out...I quickly recover from that statement!),
uhhh...I was checking out the house, and I noticed something that is not right.
Guys: Oh really? What?
Me: Well, I don't think there is a skylight on the plan.
Guys: A skylight?
Me: Yes, a skylight.
Guys: A skylight?
Me: Yes. A skylight. Right on the backside of the roof. Above the kids room.
Guys looking at each other.
Lots of laughter.
Me: Confused.
Guys: Uhhh...that's not a skylight.
Me: It's not?
Guys: No, it's an access hole. So we have a place to access the roof.

It's NOT a skylight.

Who KNEW?!
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Our New House...

Well, after alot of planning and planning...the house building is FINALLY underway! It seemed like it would never get started...but it is in full force now. Everyone keeps asking me to post pictures, and I figured this would be the easiest way to do it. Plus it gets me back into blogging again. :) I will post a bunch of pictures here, so you can see the progress, and then keep it going. I am going to be asking for ALOT of advice on things as we are at DECISION time...and some decisions should be group decisions, don't ya think?! :) So...lets get started!

So, here is Tony, as we are trying to decide where we want to put our house. As you can see it is across the road from where we are now. The house between the two tree's is where we are now.

First step...making a driveway.

Then...this is the beginning of it all!

Here is where the pictures might get a bit out of order.  And, alot with Ryan in them.  He is documenting the building process in his class, so I will take the pictures from there.  It is a good idea of what is going on.

The crawl space floor.  It ends up with a ton of rooms...but you have to duck to get into each one.

Walls are up...
1st floor...

Kitchen/Living Room

2nd floor is happening!

Entry way stairs...I love them!!  Later I will post what it will look like...

View from the back of the house...


There she is!  Isn't she getting pretty?!  We are so excited!  Now I have to run to go talk to the builder...Will be back!

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