Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Well, we once again, took off on another adventure with our friends, Joe and Hallie. 
Hallie and I got the guys Zipline Tickets for Christmas, and headed up to
Whistler to have some fun. 
The guys had a great time on the mountain, and
Hallie and I thoroughly enjoyed the village.
( I have to post the pictures here in different posts, as I can't figure out what is happening with blogger, but when I go to add pics to a post, it takes forever.) 
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This was the view from our hotel room.  It was a great place to stay.  Well, except of course for the one little issue with one of the robes.  I will probably be scarred for life and I just cannot seem to be strong enough to blog about it.  So I will just leave it at that.  Do I recommend the hotel?  Absolutely!  It was cozy and nice.  Do I recommend the robes?  Uhhh...not so much.

It doesn't show up in this picture below, but atop the left mountain is a gondola, it is called "Peak To Peak" and a huge cable goes from one mountaintop to the other.  It was pretty amazing.

At the base of the mountain.  This was mine and Hallies view during lunch.  Not to shabby!

After lunch we needed an afternoon warm-up.  So we went into this place that looked rather inviting.  It wasn't until after we were inside that we noticed the pictures on the walls.  Let me just say, that when Hallie and I left, we did NOT leave a picture of our "bosoms" behind for them to add to their collection.
The drinks were rather yummy...I cannot name some of the drinks that this place offered on this website...but our friend Joe...he wanted to know what was in each of those drinks.  Shame On You Joey J.
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This was the Olympic Square, where the medal ceremonies were.  Had fun posing in the rings...Go USA!  Oh, hmmm...and for Tony and Joe and Hallie....GO CANADA, too. :)

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Turned out a little dark but this is the memorial for the Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, that crashed and passed away during the Olympics. 

I was so enthralled with the ice everywhere.  They were dangerous!  One would definately not want to be in line with one of these dropping from all of the roofs...I would say that some serious damage could be done.
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On the way home we found the falls that Hallie had been telling us about.  I would love to get a camera that shows the color and beauty that was all around us.  One of these days...
We thought it would be a short little stroll along a friendly little path...uhhh...not so.  Instead, we went slip-sliding away through the parking lot, up the trails, and finally to the falls.  Everything was a solid sheet of ice.  Me, being the ADVENTUROUS one that I am, of course, sailed passed Tony and Joe and Hallie.  I don't know why they are so afraid of everything but I will definately have to help them curb their fears.  (Disclaimer...those who know me, know that was an absolute un-true fact...)

  I loved this place...that is the fireplace I want in the new house.  Wishful thinking, I know.

Solid ice...Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
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Here are the Zipline pictures.  The company sent them to us.  The guys had a GREAT time, and Hallie and I are totally patting ourselves on the backs for giving such a FANTASTIC Christmas gift.  We truely are FABULOUS wives!

Joey J...please suck it up and be a your eyes and enjoy the ride.  You will be ok...really you will.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

We are glad you guys had a great time....truth is, you deserved it.  And all joking aside about how you thought we booked this trip so that we could get away from laundry, cooking, cleaning, screaming children, mooing cows kind of life...we really just wanted to do it for YOU.  You boys work so hard, we believe you needed this getaway. 
Needless to say, it was good for us too. :)
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