Wednesday, January 30, 2008


OK...well, I sure got some creative answers from alot of you. 11 guesses here...and about 17 emails. The most common guess, a chicken's egg. 2nd guess...the moon. Most creative...My sisters knee after surgery and one of my kidney stones...:0 ha!
But the answer is...snow falling from the sky. There were HUGE flakes falling last week. The picture didn't do the flakes justice. But when I pulled it up on the computer, it looked really neat, so thought I would have some fun with you.
Thanks for commenting!! Will definately do that again.
Thought I would have some fun with you all...
Can you guess what this picture is?
Post your answers in my comment section below
this picture and we will find out who has a good eye...
I will post my answer by Friday...
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Visiting City Mouse...

On Friday we went into Vancouver to spend a day in the life of Auntie Barb, Marcus, Sophie and Bridget...Uncle Damian had to work. Upon our arrival, we decided to take a walk down to The Keys for lunch. It was a beautiful clear day in the city...and although it was a long, steep walk...It was thoroughly enjoyed. Ryan and Marcus ran from tree to tree hiding...I even wiped out on the frozen grass trying to save my country mouse from running into the road! It wasn't purdy, but it was all in the name of saving my child!
Barb...we had a great time hanging out with you guys. Marcus was tons of fun (even though he kept copying my fall...) and those sweet girls are as cute as ever!
We are still laughing at how many people asked us, "Are your boys twins?"
Uh, no...they are cousins...But the girls are. :) is our fun day...In Pictures.
Awww...isn't he CUTE??
Sopie and Bridget...Fast asleep as we begin our trek...
Don't ask which is which...Cause I just don't know!
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The Tale of City Mouse and Country Mouse...

Here is Country Mouse...

Visiting City Mouse...

Hey Marcus...You can't climb up there yourself!

Here, let me give you a lift...

There ya go Cousin!
Do you see what I see???

Let me get a better look...

Wow! You are right...Vancouver is a BIG city!!

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Hey Ryan...why does your mom keep taking all of these pictures of us??

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We went down, Down, DOWN...
And Bridget and Sophie slept, Slept, and SLEPT...

And we came back up, Up, and UP!!

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Come out, Come out, Wherever YOU ARE!!

The boys found a neat tree to hide in...
Marcus, where are you??


HERE WE ARE!!! Bwhahahahhahaaaa!

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When we got back to Barbs...Sophie and Bridget were still
snoozin' away...and I still don't know which is which!
And Ryan, on the way home...EXHAUSTED!
But it sure was fun to go into the city to see my cousins!

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Wild Animal Attack!

It was a very scary night in the Meier house.
Every time we walk passed the couch, this wild animal would
leap out with his
wild animal paws...and ATTACK our feet!
Sometimes one paw...sometimes two...

Ah HA! This wild animal has eyes!
Looks like our wild FE-LION...SIMBA!!

Ryan and Daddy managed to capture the wild beast...
I guess we can all sleep in peace tonight.

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Well, here is our Joe...he is now a complete Canuck fan...
He has discovered the fun of trading hockey cards.
Every day he comes home and says, "Hey Mom...wanna see my new cards."
At dinner..."Hey Dad...wanna see my new cards?" After dinner, he says, "Hey Dad...wanna see my hockey cards again?"
Getting ready for bed, I hear him say, "Hey Ryan...wanna see my hockey cards?"
As they settle in bed...I hear Joe, once again,
"Hey Ryan...did ya wanna see my hockey cards again??"
So, one day he came out of his room dressed for school...
wearing the clothes you see in the above picture.
The fashion mom in me wanted to say, "Joey, go back into your room and change. You cannot wear 3 hockey shirts, camo pants, and hockey shorts over top."
The calm mom, instead said, "Joe, is that what you are wearing to school?"
And off he went.
He came home from school, and I asked him how the lunch time hockey game went...
His reply:
"Not so good. I knew today I was going to be goalie, so I thought if I wore all of my Canuck clothes, they would bring me luck. But instead, it was our class day to pick up garbage during lunch hour. Oh well, maybe I can wear them again tomorrow...Hey mom, wanna see my hockey cards?"

Yes, My Son Loves HOCKEY.
The next day...he didn't get to wear the good luck clothes again. He came home with this hockey war wound...Hmmm...

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just because this picture makes me smile...

I thought I would post it again.

You smiling too?? :)

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's a MIRACLE!!

Well, we have had somewhat of a miracle here at the Meier Compound...

For Christmas we got this:

(The grill...Not George Foreman himself...)

We have made this:

and this

and this

and this

See, the fact that we have made all of those yummy things is NOT the miracle...the miracle is...My HUSBAND WANTS TO COOK!

For the first time in 10 years, he is wanting to HELP...He walks into the kitchen and actually tries to take the spatula from my hand and says, "Here, let me do this."

Oh really now...After 10 years, you are now the man of the George Foreman Grill and YOU...are going to help me cook dinner??

After breakfast he comes in and says, "Should I take out a steak so we can grill it tonight?"

It is rather amazing, I must say. He comes in at dinner and says,
"Can we grill peppers with that?
"Can we grill onions with that?"
"Think we can grill some bacon on that?"
"Here...Let me do it FOR YOU."
What is it that Mr. George Foreman has done to my husband?? My husband...the man who only does toast and possibly a ham sandwich. Now he is a MAN OF THE GRILL...

Although, I must say...for Christmas...(BEFORE the grill...) he got me a beautiful heart shaped necklace with a diamond on it. YOWZA! By far an improvement from the man who bought me 24 of the same glasses one year...
So...I sure don't know where my OLD husband is...but I think I will let him go. As, this NEW man in my sure making me VERY HAPPY!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

From Our House To Yours...

Wishing you and yours a FaBuLoUs 2008!!

From The Meiers...