Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Visiting City Mouse...

On Friday we went into Vancouver to spend a day in the life of Auntie Barb, Marcus, Sophie and Bridget...Uncle Damian had to work. Upon our arrival, we decided to take a walk down to The Keys for lunch. It was a beautiful clear day in the city...and although it was a long, steep walk...It was thoroughly enjoyed. Ryan and Marcus ran from tree to tree hiding...I even wiped out on the frozen grass trying to save my country mouse from running into the road! It wasn't purdy, but it was all in the name of saving my child!
Barb...we had a great time hanging out with you guys. Marcus was tons of fun (even though he kept copying my fall...) and those sweet girls are as cute as ever!
We are still laughing at how many people asked us, "Are your boys twins?"
Uh, no...they are cousins...But the girls are. :) is our fun day...In Pictures.
Awww...isn't he CUTE??
Sopie and Bridget...Fast asleep as we begin our trek...
Don't ask which is which...Cause I just don't know!
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