Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, here is our Joe...he is now a complete Canuck fan...
He has discovered the fun of trading hockey cards.
Every day he comes home and says, "Hey Mom...wanna see my new cards."
At dinner..."Hey Dad...wanna see my new cards?" After dinner, he says, "Hey Dad...wanna see my hockey cards again?"
Getting ready for bed, I hear him say, "Hey Ryan...wanna see my hockey cards?"
As they settle in bed...I hear Joe, once again,
"Hey Ryan...did ya wanna see my hockey cards again??"
So, one day he came out of his room dressed for school...
wearing the clothes you see in the above picture.
The fashion mom in me wanted to say, "Joey, go back into your room and change. You cannot wear 3 hockey shirts, camo pants, and hockey shorts over top."
The calm mom, instead said, "Joe, is that what you are wearing to school?"
And off he went.
He came home from school, and I asked him how the lunch time hockey game went...
His reply:
"Not so good. I knew today I was going to be goalie, so I thought if I wore all of my Canuck clothes, they would bring me luck. But instead, it was our class day to pick up garbage during lunch hour. Oh well, maybe I can wear them again tomorrow...Hey mom, wanna see my hockey cards?"

Yes, My Son Loves HOCKEY.
The next day...he didn't get to wear the good luck clothes again. He came home with this hockey war wound...Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Joe wants to look like his Aunt Dani when she hurt her knee..Runs in the family. Be careful Joe. Want to see Grandpa's baseball cards ???