Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a BABY!!

Well, aren't you all just a bunch of smarties??!!
Must be alot of belly recognizing going on out there, as I couldn't seem to put this one past ya!!
You guessed's a BABY BELLY!!
And it belongs to my SISTER....Danielle...The BABY, herself!!
As you can tell, Baby Kate is growing just fine.

Not to worry about the knife in the other hand though...nothing was harmed during the taking of this picture!

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Let's play...
Can YOU tell ME what this is??
Go ahead...give it a try...put your thoughts in the comment section...
Oh, and 2 of you were present when I took this picture...YOU cannot cast your vote!
I will announce the winner and tell you WHAT this foreign object is...
on Friday, March 27.
Good LUCK!! :)

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THIS is why...

SHE is the reason I had baby number 4!!
Just take a look...
I dare you not to smile!!
I bet you your heart will melt...
mine has.

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Welcome Jakob Rudi Meier!!

Rudi, Bekky, Alandra, Noelle
on your new little boy!!
"Jakub Rudi"

He already has some great milking hands!
My word...his hands are huge!!
Joey is thinkin' "Yep...chalk another point for the boys!"

Alandra is letting Ryan know that "Girls Rule and Boys Drool"
Ryan is thinking, "Yep, your right...I am drooling over those cheese and crackers you are eating!! Can I have some??? PlEASEEEE??"

Alandra, Nicki, Kaycee and Noelle
"Wook at me! I am a berry good big cuzzin!"
Let the FUN begin!!
Congrats you guys! :)

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City Cousins Come For Another Visit! Woo hoo!

Our Cousins are coming!! Our Cousins are coming!!
They are coming!! They are coming!!
Look! They love to play hockey! Even if there is 3 inches of mudd...our city folk cousins can handle a little mud!! :) Even our Auntie Barb can handle a slap shot right to her white jacket!
Oh ya...they can handle it!
See the boy in the green with his back to the camera? Well that is Marcus. He has no idea what his sisters are about to figure out. You see, his sisters, Bridgette and Sophie...they are twins.
Well, Bridgette, or was it Sophie, uh, no... Bridgette, hmmmm...
ok, red hat twin is thinking, " have no clue, do ya??"
While white hat twin is thinking, "Ya...we've seen country folk like you plenty of times!"
It's all fun and games until they figure out that you have no idea WHO IS WHO!!!
Even Lilly the dog has given up. She gave a big ol' "Umph" and said the words...
"I quit!" (In dog language, of course!!)

Oh man...they are really pondering now! Look at white hat twin...she is lookin' at the dog like, "Come on Dog! We thought you had the 6th sense going on!"

But what about red hat twin??!! She seems to be telling me, "What?? Do you think you are some sort of papperatzi or something?? Think you can just take our picture because you are our Auntie?? Well, listen don't even know WHO IS WHO!"

I promptly shut off the camera.

That of course was before I saw this...sweet little Marcus holding sweet little white hat twin's hand...look how cute! But red hat twin over there...she plans on telling Mommy and Marcus the whole story once their van door closes and they head down the road!!

"That Crazy Aunt doesn't even know her own nieces!!"

I do apologize red hat twin and white hat twin! I do know you...I know you are so stinkin' cute and I know that one day I will know your names! And I know I will be able to tell WHO IS WHO!! And I know that one day, you too, will grow to love me!! Really you will!!

Marcus...tell them!!
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Nicki's birthday...

Check it out!! I am 10!! ...Double Digits...

This used to be my dads...
now it belongs...

TO ME!!!!
Can you tell I am soooo excited??
Can you tell that Joe is thinking,
And...Uh...Nicki...don't you know that you don't know how to play the guitar??"
This is our "WHERE'S WALDO" picture...
Wait a minute...that is not Waldo!
That is my mom!!
She is in a PICTURE!
Stop the press~~Write a story~~Call Guiness!
This moment should be captured in time...oh wait, I think it is.
Whew I feel better!
Me and my 2 BFF's! Ella and Julia!!
I think I told you about them in my last years blog entry...but anyways, they are way cool and we had the best time and I think they are GREAT!!
By the do you like my glasses and my scarf and my earrings???

Can you believe MY mom made My BFF feed
MY sister on MY birthday??!!
You CAN believe that Ella LOVED it!! :)

What a FABULOUS birthday it was!! :)
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Memory of a Beautiful Little Girl...

Today is your 11th birthday!!
Hope your Birthday In Heaven is a WONDERFUL day, Kristy!!
You have not been forgotten...
Remembering my dear friends today as they go through this day...
Kristy Tolsma
March 21, 1998 - July 6, 2004

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicki!!

10 Years Old ALREADY???
How on earth did that happen??!!

We hope your birthday was extra special Nicki!!
We Love You!!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last night was the benefit for the little boy in our town. His name is Morgan and he has leukemia...WOW. That is all I can say. We heard more of his story, and believe me, it would bring tears to your eyes knowing that a little boy has gone through the things he has gone through. He is now with a very caring and loving family. They have a faith in God that will help them climb the mountains that lie ahead.
Unfortunately, a few days ago, Morgan was admitted back into the hospital, so he was unable to attend this benefit, but he did call in and they put him on loudspeaker...what a sweet little guy.
The family still needs continued prayer...he has a long road ahead of him.

Here are 2 of the songs Nicki sang...(scroll down after this post to see it.) She was very honored to be a part of this special night.
Don't forget to shut off the music on the side bar before playing these videos.
Oh, and ignore the CRAZY shaking of the camera! Ryan was beside me...trying to look into the camera, trying to tell me, "Mom, I love you." "Mom, can I have chocolate?" and every time he got up and down from the bench, he would use my arm as his support. Hmmm...:)

Nicki singing "Anyway" by Martina McBride March 6, 2009

Nicki singing "Make Some Noise" by Hannah Montana