Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Load 'em up...Move 'em out!!

Well, today is MOVING day!! Today is the day that we are moving half of our herd over to Mike and Varley's, and we will all begin farming on our own. This is a good thing...everyone is so excited. M&V have built a new barn, and in the next few pictures, you will see the whole process of MOVING DAY!

So, Mike and Varley...we really do wish you the very best...I know you will love your new place, and will enjoy being able to
have your family farm!!
I can't say we will miss are just down the road...
so...See ya later!! :)
Oh and I have dedicated a few songs todays will hear them as you scroll through the will see the titles of them in the music box...

This is how our day started...First sunny day in what, a month??

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The cows had NO IDEA what was in store for them!!

This is Lilly, our COW DOG...I do believe she made probably 57 trips back in forth between the two farms today...she picked her cattle truck and ran along side it every trip it made!! She had no idea what on earth she was doing...but she tried.
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The neighbors came to help...
The hired guys came to help...

And family came to help...

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Even Ryan came to help...

It was a chilly mornin' you can see from the cows while they eat.

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By 4pm we were milking at both farms.
Here is M&V's new drive through alley...

We are all feeling "UDDERLY" fantastic!!
Bhwahahhahaaaa!! I just crack myself up!!!

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This is the new milking parlor...MUCH cleaner than the old one.

Even the cows are impressed!

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This is what sucks the milk out of the cows teats...
Hmmm....Yes, I said "teats" all you non-farmers!...giggle giggle...

Speaking of "teats"...look at the milk bursting out of this one!
It took a village to get these cows to exit the parlor...
As the sun was setting in the west...the cows were settling down for a good nights rest at their new home.

There ya have it...this was our big day!
Now the fun begins!!

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Random Pictures...Random Things...

Well, if any of you have seen the news, you have heard about the crazy weather we have had in the northwest...we have gone from non-stop snow to heavy heavy rains with flooding all around. We are lucky that we sit pretty high here on the farm, but others weren't so lucky. Here are a few shots, and this is a week after!
The park down the road...

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Kaycee likes to sleep...ALOT...

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