Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ryans Birthday...

Go Seahawks!!

Look at Ryans new bike!! :)  Woohoooo!!

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Here is the Race Car Cake...vroom vroom...

It was really hard to get a good picture of this, but I have to say I was quite proud of it...:)

Ryan had his birthday at Go Banana's...and Go Banana's they did!!
I do not know what Derrek is doing here...catching flies?

This is Derrick, Ryan, Nolan, and Nathan

The whole crew...Nathan, Steven, Woody, Colin, Ryan, Nolan, and Derrek

And those that must be confined...:)....the wild and crazy ones!
Kaycee, Dallen, and Charlie

Woody, Colin, Ryan, Steven, Nathan, Derrek, and Nolan

This was Ryan's first birthday party and he had such a great time.  He is already planning the next one!! :)
Happy Birthday Buddy!!
Unfortunately his partying has proved to be too much for our little guy.  He now has pneumonia!  He seems to be feeling better, but spent most of the other night in emergency.  With lots of meds, he is coming around to his usual self.  But I do think the meds are affecting him...he has been talking non-stop and sooooo loud!  Do you think it is the medication or the fact that he is 4??!!  Hmmmm....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to school...

How can it be that we have a 5th grader AND a 4th grader??!!
Good Lord, I just graduated high school a few years ago!! Well, I guess I might as well face the facts. Sigh. Nicki and Joey were both very excited to start this year. They both got teachers that they wanted. Woohoo!!

Here they are showing off their backpacks.

Saying good bye to Lilly...making sure she won't miss them too much.

This is Joe's class...which was actually Nicki's class last year.
Familiar territory....this is good. He is a HAPPY boy!

This is Nicki's class...she and her friends found each other quickly,
and resumed right where they had left off in June...

I guess it's a good thing I still have Ryan and Kaycee at home...otherwise I would be getting mighty lonely! :(
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Time to harvest...

What a great time of year this is...when we can reap the benefits of the fruits and vegetables that grow in our area. I have been busy canning, and I always enjoy that. This is the first year I canned peaches. (Thanks to my friend Amy for the "know-how"...:) It was so easy and they turned out great!

These pears we got from Tony's parents. I am not too fond of pears, but Tony and the kids love I did a couple of batches today.

Even Miss. Kaycee is gettin' the goods! I pureed both apples and pears, and they made the best baby food. Just like in the jars. She has her own little shelf in the canning room. Lucky GIRL!!!!

I also thought I would freeze some corn. I usually do this each year, but this year we didn't grow it ourselves. I did a little experiment to see if it was worth it $$ money wise to buy, and then freeze. Nope. Where I bought it (roadside stand), it was a little pricey. Then I compared the cans from costco, vs. dollar amount...and Costco prices won by about $5.00. Now, next year, if we grow it ourselves...then it would definatley pan out.

Next up, I will be making jam. I put all of my fruit in the freezer over the summer. It was way to hot to be cooking over my I decided I would wait for cooler temperatures. I will be making Strawberry, Cherry, Plum, Blackberry, Blueberry and Peach Jam...
Yum. Yum. Yum!!! :)

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 14, 2005...Such a special day...


Our sweet Little Bear...where has the time gone?
So hard to believe you are turning 4 today!
Only yesterday we were awaiting your arrival.
You have been so much fun to have around. I can honestly
say that every single day you make me laugh.
We love you tons and hope your birthday is EXTRA special!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nicki singing for Grossi's Birthday!

Here are 3 of the songs Nicki sang for Grossi's Birthday...You will have to turn the music off over on the right side of this page to hear these video's. (It is a purple box, that says Playlist, or something like that on it.)

Happy Birthday Grossi!

Tony's mom turned 60 and there was a big party for her. It was a ton of fun, with lots of food, dancing, singing...So much fun that I thought I would post it here!

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And look at the beautiful flowers that Grossi grows! She has a great green thumb. Plus the cute little tags that my sis-in-law, Erica made. Ever need any stamping/crafting/quilting done?? She is the GO TO GIRL!!

Grossi hanging out with Twin A and Twin B...I still say, one day I will know them! I promise!
I think it is Bridgette on the left and Sophie on the right...:)

Julie...all that public speaking has paid off!

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All of the grandchildren singing Happy Birthday!

The Birthday Girl!
Posing with Nicki after Nicki sang her songs...

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The most recent Grandbaby made his first appearance to MeierLand...
Mathew...I am not sure he will remember this party!:)

Ryan and Nathan hanging out the next day! Could these two be any cuter??!!

Grossi and Kaycee...All SMILES!
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