Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Vote!!

I am not sure who is really reading this silly blog...but...I have a favor to ask whoever is still reading...:)
I have entered my niece in a baby photo is through our local paper, Would you vote for her?  The contest runs from today until, I believe the 28th...

She is just the cutest thing! Plus, you will thoroughly enjoy her hair! I have never seen anything like it.   It would be great if she won, as she would win a gift certificate to the best little baby store around!!  I will also put a link on the sidebar to my page here, so that when you want to vote, you can just come here and click on the link.

Unfortunately, you have to register to vote, but it is quick and not much to it, and as I said, it is for our local paper and a little baby shop in town, so they won't be sending you a bunch of spam from it.

Her title is: KATE THE GREAT and she is wearing a little green sleeper. There are about 100 entries, so you if you can't see it from the link below, there is a spot where you can click on KATE THE GREAT. is her picture you will be looking for!! :)

You can find the entry here:

**If this link isn't working, you will see Kate on the right side of my blog on KATE THE GREAT, and it will take you to her page**

(Not sure how to add it and make it highlight, so if you have trouble with this, please let me know!!)
**Just so you know, you can vote once a day!! And feel free to tell your friends!!**
***Just a side note...when you pull up Kate The Great to vote, her picture will come up, at that time, you will click on SAVE VOTE. That will confirm your vote.***

Thanks so much! You are the best!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Boy Loves Hockey...

On Sunday I heard that our local hockey team would be at our local grocery store signing some autographs...when I told this to my should have seen his eyes light up!  He let out a 9 year old yelp, and begged me to take him.  Well, he didn't have to beg, as I was already going to take him.  But I tell ya...he was the GOLDEN CHILD for the next 3 hours!!  We went to the store, and there they were!  I think Joe was 3rd in line...smiling from ear to ear.  He got them to sign a small hockey stick and they also signed a team logo paper that they had.  My normally loud and never at a loss of words child -  was tongue tied!  Until they asked him where he goes skiing...He still had his ski tags on from his last trip to the mountains. 
You honestly could see my son radiating light!  I could have made money off of the electric vibe coming off of his 9 year old little body.  We had to let the others in for their autographs, so I told him we should go get our groceries.  Inside, we were talking about the drawing that he entered to win a signed jersey...and he wanted to know when they were doing the draw...I told him to go back out and ask.  He comes back with a huge smile, and I asked him "What did they say?"  He said, "They remembered my name!"  I asked him how he knew that and he said, "Because Carson said, 'S'up, Joey?'  "  Oh ya...totally happy kid now!  And I was on the Greatest Mom list for at least the next 2 hours!  Woot!!  Joey then told me that this was the best day of his life! :) 
Well, that was Sunday and Monday he was off to a Canucks game!

I then became the best mom ever AGAIN because when he asked me to paint his face, I said YES!!  And...when we found his shirt that he wanted to wear stuffed under his bed with dirty white smears on it...I didn't get mad AND I let him wear it!

Oh ya!  Hey Joey, S'up NOW?!  Who's duh best Mama??!!
Ya, well, that only lasted until his dad came in and became the best dad on the planet for simply taking him to the game...but hey...a mom can soak in the glory, right?
Needless to say, the Canucks lost, but he still wanted to wear his painted face to school the next day, and I did have to draw the line at letting him wear the stinky, smelly, dirty shirt to school...

Tonight we are on our way to watch our local team play.  Supposed to be a sold out game.
By the way, did I tell you that I DON'T LIKE HOCKEY!!??
Anything for my boy!! :) 
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Start A Band...

Well, the other day, I found Ryan in the living room, jammin' it up with Brad Paisley and Keith Urban...looks like they convinced him to join their band in their "Start A Band" video...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wow!  I can't believe that 2010 is already here!  I think I completely missed December...seems like I checked out of blogging for the month of December...but not sure if anyone even noticed! :)  You all were probably pretty darn busy, too!
I think with this post, I am just going to post a ton of pictures...just to show what our December consisted of. 

November Thanksgiving, we went south for our American Thanksgiving!  Lucky us...Brian, Dani and Kate were there as well, so we had a great time.   It just so happened that Kaycee turned ONE on this day!  So, we were so THANKFUL for her!! :)

I got some canning done!  You will see my canning room, before...with Pears, Peaches, and Applesauce...Kaycee's baby food, and only 4 jars of jelly...

And AFTER!  Viola!!  Doesn't it look so purdy, and productive, and meaningful, and well...ok...maybe we overdid it on the berry picking this year...BUT...No Jelly making for me next year!! :)

On December 1, our Joey turned 9!  Yep...he made it! :)  Whew!  He had a great day.  He wanted a football he got a football cake!

He wanted the movies and pizza with his friends, and he got a movie and pizza with his friends.  I tell ya...this was the LOUDEST experience I have EVER encountered in a Pizza Hut!  We honestly thought the other patrons were going to applaud as we left the building!
But, they had a good time, so I guess that is what being 9 is all about! :)

Nicki had some singing events.  She sang for the Vancouver Swiss Choir, and had a great time.  Then she was asked to sing at a Meals On Wheels Community Fundraiser event.  Lots of driving, but well worth it.

Ryan and Kaycee went to see SANTA!!  You MUST click on the picture below to get the full idea of how much Kaycee and Ryan did NOT enjoy Santa...go on will make the picture nice and large for ya...

Didn't I tell ya?  Not happy...not in the slightest!

Ryan...still not so sure.

Kaycee thought she was in the clear...Then she looked to her right...
My poor girl!!

Oh...Santa is gone...she is happy again! :) 
 I heart her!

Christmas Eve was spent with the Meiers...only 21 of the 22 grandchildren were in attendance, but a good time was still had by all!

Christmas Day was spent down south...didn't seem to take any pictures from that...sorry kids.  But, we did get this great shot of Nicki and Joey enjoying their new bean bags from The Pottery Barn  (Tell ya a story about that later...), and their new WII and the wonderful shelf that Tony built.  (With the kids help, as we just told them it was for Grandma Meier for Christmas, so they couldn't tell her about it. 
Little did they know, it was going in their playroom! :)  I am very proud of my hubby here...he sure can build!

The 30th Tony turned the big 37!  He is reminding me that he is still a year younger than me...thankyou very much!  We had the Meier brothers and mom and dad over for coffee and ice cream.  Nice and casual, just what he wanted.

Oh...and December consisted of Kate too!  Just look at her!  She is getting so big and cute and she loves me the best!  :)

Muah!  And yes...this is her real hair...I think this is what makes her even more "KateTheGreat!"

So, as you can see, December had us rolling from day to day, and at times we felt like we were drowning.  But...we had a great month and now we are on to a new year!  Woo hoo!
Wishing you all a HAPPY and WONDERFUL 2010!