Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's A New Year!

To Blog...Or Not To Blog...
Now THAT is the question?!
Well, it is a new year...and I have been filled with the delimma I want to continue blogging?  I don't think really anyone reads it anymore....but I am not really sure if I am writing in my blog for the world to see, or for long distance relatives to read, or just merely for me to do what I love to do...and that is write.  I started my blog thinking it would be a fun way for my family in California and friends in Arizona to see what a crazy life I live with my family on our farm.  It slowly went from, "This is what we are up to" to "this is the crazy story of the week".  I would get a few emails, "Hey, I saw your blog, great pictures!"  or, "Funny story!"  I guess feedback is always good, as it gives a sense of direction.  Thoughts would go from, "Ok, I think they liked that one" then I would think, "I don't think anyone is reading this anymore."  Truth is, I don't really know what others think.  I know I have gone from starting this blog, and putting on a counter and now I have almost 17,000 hits.  I think that means there have been a couple loyals out there! :)
So, here we are in the year 2011!!  Can you believe it?  I think...I like to blog.  I think...I should continue!  I think...(no, it doesn't hurt...)...I think I like sitting here in my little solitude, telling my boring kid stories.  I like to share what life is like on our little farm.  We have new things coming up for us in the new year, and this is going to be my place to vent my little tidbits.  Biggest event this year?  We are building our new house!
We are so excited...but there are so many decisions to make!  Floors, cabinets, paint, fireplace?  Should we pad the walls to the playroom?  That way when we lock the kids in there, we won't hear a thing and they can fight it out all they want!  Do we put bars on Kaycee's windows, as she is appearing to be better than Houdini at escaping.

So many thoughts and so much to say.  Is it just a place for me to chat to myself, as I am so surrounded by kids life that I am starting to talk to myself, and people look at me funny?!  Well, I think I like it and I think I will just keep on talking!
So, it looks like I am back.

I haven't been here in quite awhile.  Lots has happened since the fall...some sad, some happy.  Kids are good.  Farm is good.  Life is good.  Christmas was great.  2011 has started and here we are at the end of January!  Wow!  Where is the time going? 
Guess I better sign off...I have a crying 2 year old, dinner to be made, and a night to finish off.  I hope whoever enjoyed reading my blog in the first place continues to enjoy it.  For those who have left...goodbye, you are always welcome to come back and visit!  And for me...who writes all this nonsense...quite rambling and get to cooking dinner!
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