Thursday, May 14, 2009

My day has been a little poopy!

If you could scratch and sniff this, would you?? Uhhh...I'de hope not! But, you see, we dairy farmer wives don't exactly have a choice...this is what I have been smelling the last 2 days, and I think I have had my fill!
This all starts with YOU! I think I need to have a talking with you girls!
"Who, US??!!"
Yes, YOU!

This isn't exactly an olympic size swimming is filled with manure. Cow Manure.
Lordy, Lordy, that definately is ALOT of dung!

Then we move to this: This here is a manure tank.
It sucks the manure out of the manure pit, and takes it to the field.
Where it does this:

Now I do understand that all this manure stuff makes our fields nice and green...
It makes things around here, pretty, like this:
And this:
And makes lots of feed for the animals... But I am starting to get dizzy from the smell!

Not only do we have cow dung , but we have been blessed with horse and chicken pooh too!
If you are planning on a visit to the farm anytime soon...
you might want to stay away just a little while longer!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's plantin' time...

Tony and Ryan got the garden planted...I love these shots...

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Pet Pictures...

Of course we have to blog about our furry family members!!
Here is Lilly...taking a break from the Northwest heat...:)
Sophie...she is stubborn!

The only cat that will stay 6 ft away from any human at all times!!

This is Franklin...Ryan "lubs" him!

This is Miley...she had 5 little kittens this last week!
Jet, the cat....loves our chickens.
Little did we know she was going to give birth to 1 kitten in the next week!!

Molly...looking ferocious!

Here is another one of Jet...Look at the line that runs right down the middle of her face...

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Let the field work begin!

Well, we got the first crop of the season off, just in time before the rain!
Here, we are making grass silage. My brother-in-law, Mike, is in the yellow Harvester,
blowing grass (silage) into the buggy behind the blue tractor. Then it is taken to our bunker
behind our farm, where we will let it sit, and ferment.
We do this all summer, and then we will have plenty of feed throughout the next year.

Joe and Ryan taking a bit of a break...

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Nicki never got the memo to STOP GROWING UP!!
Margo...Nicki's 4H calf...
Bath time for Margo...
Nice and purdy...ready for the next 4H meeting!
Nicki is sporting her new retainer in this picture. She has only had the retainer for the last month, and tomorrow she will pick up her "headgear". Looks like quite the contraption. It will go from her forehead to her chin.
Good thing she doesn't have to wear it to school!

Here you can see her has the black and white holstein print on it. Plus a little cow, and her name. No mixing up this one with anyone else's...that is for sure! One girl told me, "I wish they did this when I was in school. I would lose my retainer, and have to go to the office and figure out which of the 20 sitting there, which one was mine!!" Yuck!

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Still farmin'...
Sometimes CRAZY...
Eats, sleeps, and breathes SPORTS!!
Joe has started playing flag football, and he is thinking it is the greatest thing ever!! This was his first game, and he got player of the game. I thought his head was going to explode he was so excited!! :)
Here he is with his friend, Jesse. They are in the same class at school, and Jesse's dad is the coach. Unfortunately, on picture day...some kids were playing with Jess and dropped him and he broke his collarbone. He is now out for a few weeks. Joey is NOT happy about that. Hope you get better soon Jesse!!

This is when Joe came off the field, and announced, "Hey...I got a wedgie out there!!" I don't think he was counting on all the parents hearing that little comment!
We call this picture, "Feline Interference..."
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Ryan Jacob...

Our farmer in the making...
This picture makes me want to sing...
"Green Acres is the place to be! Farm livin' is the life for me!! Land spreadin' out so far and wide, darling I love you but give me that country side!!"

Well, Ryan is so crazy in love with Kaycee, he says:
"When I am old, I am going to marry Kaycee. Mom, you will come live with me
and dad will stay on the farm and be a Grandpa."
Hmmm...not sure when I'll break the news to him that that won't really work.
But for now...I'll let him love us that much! :)

This is Ryan entertaining himself at Joe's football game...

Ryan...just stop it with the blue eyes!!

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