Monday, May 11, 2009


Nicki never got the memo to STOP GROWING UP!!
Margo...Nicki's 4H calf...
Bath time for Margo...
Nice and purdy...ready for the next 4H meeting!
Nicki is sporting her new retainer in this picture. She has only had the retainer for the last month, and tomorrow she will pick up her "headgear". Looks like quite the contraption. It will go from her forehead to her chin.
Good thing she doesn't have to wear it to school!

Here you can see her has the black and white holstein print on it. Plus a little cow, and her name. No mixing up this one with anyone else's...that is for sure! One girl told me, "I wish they did this when I was in school. I would lose my retainer, and have to go to the office and figure out which of the 20 sitting there, which one was mine!!" Yuck!

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