Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only a few will understand this post...

So, I was looking through the fabulous Pioneer Womans website the other day...
(if you don't read her, you must...she is very entertaining! Here is her site: ) I was looking through her site and I came across this:

And This:

How about this one???

Don't you think those would look GREAT on THIS??!!

This would be the new baby Kate...She is a Nike Tyke :)

...and those words, "Peanut" and "Cupcake" and "Pumpkin" are special words for Kate's Mom...What a GREAT combination! :) She will know exactly what this post is all about when she reads this...

Just thought I would share this with ya all today! :)

For those interested...those cute little onesies come from and they come in onesies, shirts, blankies...they just make my heart smile!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saturday was a good day...

The Meier kids had a great day on Saturday...
Joey got his first touchdown...he was bouncing off the walls and wanting to share his news with anyone willing to listen. He also ran the ball for 20 yards. His team won 30something to 14?? Hmmm...not too sure of the score...I know, bad mom! But, if you really want to know the score, the yards, the down, the stats through and through...just ask Joe...he is still willing to share his happiness!

Nicki also had a good day. She had her singing competition first thing in the morning. She sang "Anyway", by Martina could see the excitement bursting out of her, as they called each up with their awards. Honorable mention, 4th place,3rd place, 2nd place, (at this point she had done her math and she was the only one left without an award...knowing she won...her smile was coming out of her ears!)

Here she is, with her awards...a very happy 10 year old girl. Way to go Nicki! :)
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Monday, June 1, 2009

May 28, 2009...

WELCOME Baby Kate !!

Her Daddy and Mommy are so excited that she is finally here. Unfortunately,  will have a bit of recovering to do, as Baby didn't want to come out of the oven on her own, so they had to cut Mama's belly open to get her out! Stubborn already...let the fun begin! :)
, we are so excited for you both. So glad I was able to be there to share in the special (and not so fun) time!!
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As I wrote last time...Nicki had gotten a she has her headgear! (She has given me permission to post she will not be humiliated, mortified or utterly embarrassed by these pictures!) As you can see, it goes from her head to her chin. The only thing holding the piece to her head is the rubberbands that are attached to the appliance in her mouth. She has been quite a trooper wearing both pieces, and doesn't complain. Fortunately Nicki has a good sense of the jokes seem to bounce off of her. She has to wear this for 12 hours a day, so it seems as soon as she is home from school, she puts it on.

Another random shot...Miss. Kaycee is slowly getting to the sitting stage. She can't sit for long, and wibble and wobbles before she I can't leave her alone. But thought I would share that little milestone with ya!

And lookie here...this is our new addition! First we decided to call him "Freckles"...he has the cutest freckles on both sides of his nose. But now we have decided to call him BEAR! He stalks, he attacks, he bites...He will walk on his two hind feet like a bear when you challenge him.
Yes, i think Bear is better suited for this little wild beast.

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Wow! A blog award!!

I got the biggest surprise...and I am so sorry Tina that it took me so long to post it...but here it is! My friend Tina gave me this blog award...

I first saw on my guestbook that she said, "There is something for you over on my blog..." So off I went to and I saw this amazing rootbeer cake recipe that she posted..."THANKS!", I thought. Then I looked further and figured she must have been talking about her chicken coop her hubby built...we both have chickens. Must have been what she was talking about. Kept scrolling...and found a recipe for Buttermilk Pie...Lordy Lordy! Did she dedicate her entire blog to ME??!! Couldn't have back to the top I went, and lo and behold, I found she had nominated my thankyou so much!
I think you should go on over and check out her place on the is homey and she is full of ideas and creative things.
So, now I am supposed to nominate a few...where do I start??!!
I guess i will start with my friend Jenny...she lives in Arizona...and is one of the neatest people out there...she has thoughts and ideas galore, and is full of inspiration! Go check her out at I could bet ya money she will give ya a smile!
Another of my favorites, is my friend Becky...she is now living in Kansas, and will soon be relocating...she is a military wife. I love her latest entry on her the pictures are very moving...especially one that you would have to see to believe. I think her blog is private, so you may not be able to post or see it...but believe is great. So, becky...I won't put your site on here, but so you are nominated! :)
There ya have nominations...who would have thunk it??!! :)