Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only a few will understand this post...

So, I was looking through the fabulous Pioneer Womans website the other day...
(if you don't read her, you must...she is very entertaining! Here is her site: ) I was looking through her site and I came across this:

And This:

How about this one???

Don't you think those would look GREAT on THIS??!!

This would be the new baby Kate...She is a Nike Tyke :)

...and those words, "Peanut" and "Cupcake" and "Pumpkin" are special words for Kate's Mom...What a GREAT combination! :) She will know exactly what this post is all about when she reads this...

Just thought I would share this with ya all today! :)

For those interested...those cute little onesies come from and they come in onesies, shirts, blankies...they just make my heart smile!


Anonymous said...

cute cute! Hey there Jimi, thanks for stopping by my blog and if I had cash my answer would be a definite yes to come up there!!! Let's see about the sugarpie button, go to her website on her blog page and there is the code that you would copy and paste (its right under her button) then go to blogger on your dashboard and click on add a gadget or something like that, then click on add html then paster her code in that. It should work fabulously! Don't you love her blog??

Farm living looks like fun, your kids are adorable!!

Terri and Bob said...

Those are totally adorable! Hey, thanks for visiting me!! It was fun to see you there!