Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Maybell and Jewell

Who knew calves could pose so pretty??!!
We decided to do a little "4H calf photo shoot"...

Unfortunately, Jewell, Joey's calf, died that night...which was 2 days before Joey and Jewel's first fair.  We don't know what happened.  Just that, when Tony went to the barn the next morning, she had died during the night.  Joey took this quite hard, as he was so excited to get up early and go see her, only to find out the sad news. 
He didn't want to figured he would try a new calf.  We tried to tell him that a new calf, without the training that Jewel had, would be quite hard to deal with. 
He picked out "Sunny"...Sunny, so far...has done a GREAT job! 
We will miss you Jewel...
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Trip To Cannon Beach, Oregon...

We recently took a little trip down to Cannon Beach...and we had a fabulous time!  Of course I took a TON of I am just going to upload all of them.  So many to go through.  I think they will probably be out of order, and maybe a bit repetitious...but...I like them. :)  The first 2 days were a bit cloudy, but by the end, Mr. Sun came out and gave us his greatest smiles.  Take a look...

This was our room...we stayed at the Tolovana Inn...We had an oceanfront room, which was PERFECT!   We could just sit on the deck and listen to the waves.  Loved it.  It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with a living room, dining room and kitchen.  Very spacious for our loud and rambunctious party of 6!

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See...I was there!! :)
This was our room...Nicki and I were still looking for "beach money"...aka...What Ryan calls sand dollars.

Joe had no idea what he was doing...

Just as I told Kaycee to SMILE...she showed me her snacks!  Thanks Kaycee!!

My sweet boys...

We walked quite a ways in the sand....Ryan was tired, so Tony carried him by his jacket. worked!

Nicki, Joey and Ryan flying kites

We were the middle room/2nd floor

This was Kaycee's first time at the beach.  She loved it until the waves made her fall down, then she was done.  But it was fun watching her...I love those baby firsts...

She is just starting to decide here that this might not be such a good thing

My favorite picture of all...
Kaycee was walking and watching her shadow.  She kept looking at it like,
"Hey, who are you walking beside me?!"  LOVE it!!

Daddy's hugs are the best!

We took a day to head over to Seaside...we decided we liked Cannon Beach much better

The End of the Luis and Clark Expedition...

Nicki, Joey and Ryan bought "crazy hats"...good times!

We ended our trip with a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory...It wasn't until we were driving away that we discovered we never had any cheese! 

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