Friday, February 27, 2009

A Miracle For Morgan...

Nicki has been asked to sing at a benefit for this 10 year old little boy...What a couragious little guy he is. We haven't met him, but his story is an unbelievable one. His name is Morgan, and he has been through more in life than anyone I know. Here is a bit of a description they have posted on their facebook site:
Come and join us for an evening of music and fun with some terrific door prizes. No tickets required.Our purpose is to raise funds to help Morgan on his trek with Leukemia . He is on a 3 year journey to wellness. Over the next 3 years of treatment we are all praying for Morgan to be cancer free. We are hoping to help with medical expenses, medication, traveling costs and schooling and those unseen needs that will arise. With your generous donations we can make this horrific time in Morgan's life a bit easier as we come along side this family financially. A free will offering will be taken. Come and enjoy the excitement and reward of helping a family in crisis. God Bless you as you consider this event. Mark your calendars!!! Don't miss out on an opportunity to be a blessing to this amazing family.
Thank you in advance for your kindness.
We are looking forward to seeing you all there!!
So, if you are local and would like to come in support of this little boy on Friday March 6, at or call me and I will give you the details...We are so thrilled to be able to help out this family!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WHO ordered THIS??!!

As my friend, Linda, tells me how she is basking in the Arizona SUN today...
This is what WE got!

Our FAITHFUL employee Joey...
Still willing to do barn chores AND clean up the
fence in this TERRIBLE weather!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Eagles Everywhere!!

I don't know if I will ever get used to this sight! I find myself amazed everytime I see an eagle fly by. We have a HUGE nest in the back of our field, so we have 3 regulars that fly over the farm on a daily basis. Well, this last week, we had a real treat!
Did you know that eagles REALLY like COW MANURE??!! Yes, it is true! It is POOH spreading time in the great northwest...and the eagles are going crazy! We have counted 37 eagles in one field so far. Unfortunately, my camera isn't good enough to capture them all...but here are some fun shots I was able to take. You will have a few "Where's Waldo" moments...Good luck!!

This one flew right over my head! It is my favorite...

23 in this shot...but hard to see them all...
Up, UP and AWAY!!

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This is the one with 37...but had to take it from a distance, so it isn't a close up. But you can see them in that back tree and here in the field.

Tree Shots...Every "dark spot" is an eagle...Amazing.

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These were all the close ones. I was able to get real close...

I was able to get about 10 ft away from this one before

she got scared and flew away!

This one is my favorite...

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Random Kid Shots...

Farm Boy!



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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hope your's is HAPPY...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Last night Nicki was asked to sing at a neighbors 80th birthday party...
here are some of the songs she sang...
they are some old ones!
Don't forget to turn the other music off on the sidebar before playing her music...

Nicki singing Coal Miners Daughter

Nicki singing Big Rock Candy Mountain

Nicki singing Bluebird on your Windowsill