Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Chuck, Lupe, & Tori!!!

We LOVE the T-Shirts you sent us from Aspen!!
They Fit Perfectly
The Pez Candies were YUMMY!!

Our Mom says she is quite flattered that you still remember her so tiny...:)

Since she is taking the picture, we decided to use My Buddy as her body double. And she also says, she is leaving tomorrow to go shopping JUST FOR HER to get some special things with that gift card you sent. We don't know why she would be so excited to buy something just for her, and why she would be so happy to go all alone...But her smile said it all!! :)

So...Thanks For Thinkin' Of Us!

Hope your Easter was HAPPY!!

Love, Nicki, Joey and Ryan!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday In Heaven...

Happy Birthday Kristy!

Your Birthday in Heaven must be a beautiful sight! I am sure the angels are singing to you, and other family and friends are all around you. I bet there are butterfly's everywhere, and you are having a glorious time. I am so glad you get to have Jesus celebrate with you! Bet you are enjoying your day like no other.

I will say a special prayer for your family today, as they are still missing you so. But one day they will be with you again, and you can all celebrate together.

Life has stood still for them since you left, but I know they find comfort in knowing you are in Gods hands...

Today would be the 10th Birthday of a very special little girl. Kristy was born on March 21, 1998, and the Lord took her home on July 6, 2004.

Glen, Cheryl, Riley, Derrick, Trevor, Alley, Mathew...and Beautiful Baby To BE!! :)
We are thinking of you all today...She will never be forgotten.
Love you tons.

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is when I love my children the most...When They Sleep!

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Crossing the muddy, slimy, stinky, dirty, contaminated Sumas River...
Ummmm....ya, the 9 yr old fell in.

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Farm Fun...

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The Many Faces of Ryan...

Scary Face!!
Ryan and his farm friends...:)

Happy Face...
Sweet face, with new cousin, Dallen...
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Happy 9th Birthday Nicki!!

Nicki had her 9th birthday last week. It was a fun and busy weekend for her. She got to go to the movies with her "BFF's"...Julia and Ella, and then they came to the house afterwards for cupcakes and tons of fun. The next day, on her real birthday, Grandma and Grandpa came up from Washington to celebrate. Then, that night, Grossi and Grossvater came, along with Uncle Chris, Auntie Erica, Andrew, Emily, Katie and Nathan, and Uncle Rudi with Alandra and Noelle...It was busy busy busy...but Nicki decided she thought being 9 was pretty cool!

This is how Joe entertained himself while his house filled with loud and unruly GIRLS! What is a boy to do??? He must ENGULF himself in hockey cards!

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Nicki and her BFF's!!
Julia, Nicki and Ella...
Pixel Chicks are the greatest thing, so the girls tell me...

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Nicki got a special pair of earrings from her Grossvater (Grandpa in Swiss)
Looking pretty in her Hannah Montana outfit...
Katie and Ryan
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Going skiing...

Tony has been taking Nicki and Joe skiing up at Manning Park.
They have been loving it.

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Friday, March 7, 2008


IT'S A...
Well, the latest news is that we have a new nephew and cousin! Nicki and I counted and I think that makes 30 cousins for my kids!! WOW!

Anyways...we want to take this space to show you...DALLEN KURT MEIER He was 7 lbs 3 oz, and came into this world on March 1, 2008. I have stolen some pictures from Chelsea :) (With permission of course...)

and thought you all would like to see him.

CONGRATULATIONS Karl, Chelsea, Colin, Charlie, and Dallen!