Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a BABY!!

Well, aren't you all just a bunch of smarties??!!
Must be alot of belly recognizing going on out there, as I couldn't seem to put this one past ya!!
You guessed's a BABY BELLY!!
And it belongs to my SISTER....Danielle...The BABY, herself!!
As you can tell, Baby Kate is growing just fine.

Not to worry about the knife in the other hand though...nothing was harmed during the taking of this picture!

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Jenny said...

OK, I'm gonna be honest. The knife did scare me a little and I had sort of a mental Alfred Hitchcock soundtrack playing. Jimi, sending me a coded message if you're alright. Ummm... code could be .... ummmm... the steak is not sliced .... yea, yea, that's a good coded message.