Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Jakob Rudi Meier!!

Rudi, Bekky, Alandra, Noelle
on your new little boy!!
"Jakub Rudi"

He already has some great milking hands!
My word...his hands are huge!!
Joey is thinkin' "Yep...chalk another point for the boys!"

Alandra is letting Ryan know that "Girls Rule and Boys Drool"
Ryan is thinking, "Yep, your right...I am drooling over those cheese and crackers you are eating!! Can I have some??? PlEASEEEE??"

Alandra, Nicki, Kaycee and Noelle
"Wook at me! I am a berry good big cuzzin!"
Let the FUN begin!!
Congrats you guys! :)

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