Sunday, March 20, 2011

This was the view from our hotel room.  It was a great place to stay.  Well, except of course for the one little issue with one of the robes.  I will probably be scarred for life and I just cannot seem to be strong enough to blog about it.  So I will just leave it at that.  Do I recommend the hotel?  Absolutely!  It was cozy and nice.  Do I recommend the robes?  Uhhh...not so much.

It doesn't show up in this picture below, but atop the left mountain is a gondola, it is called "Peak To Peak" and a huge cable goes from one mountaintop to the other.  It was pretty amazing.

At the base of the mountain.  This was mine and Hallies view during lunch.  Not to shabby!

After lunch we needed an afternoon warm-up.  So we went into this place that looked rather inviting.  It wasn't until after we were inside that we noticed the pictures on the walls.  Let me just say, that when Hallie and I left, we did NOT leave a picture of our "bosoms" behind for them to add to their collection.
The drinks were rather yummy...I cannot name some of the drinks that this place offered on this website...but our friend Joe...he wanted to know what was in each of those drinks.  Shame On You Joey J.
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Jenny said...

What? No b--b picture mementos? Funny. I'm curious about the robe now!