Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From The Mouth Of A Farmers Son...

So...on Valentines day, we are sitting at the table enjoying our dinner. Everyone is chatting their normal Meier Family chatter, when all of a sudden the conversation takes a terrible turn. It went some thing like this:
Joe: (Completely out of the blue...) "Dad, do you think you can put mom into heat some time?"
I drop my fork.
Tony chokes on his KFC.
We both look at joe and Tony lets out a "What did you say??!!"
Joe: Well, I was wondering if you could put Mom into heat some time."
Tony: (Still choking. Me...silent.) "Joe, WHY would you ask that??"
Joe: "I have been thinking...and I thought it would be really neat if you could put mom into heat, then we could have alot more boys around here, and it would be so much fun."
Tony: Shakes his head.
Me: About to cry.
Tony: "I'll see what I can do Joe."
Tony: Swallows his choked on KFC.
Me: Feeling a need to walk away from the table.

Yes...this is a true story. My Joe. A true farmer. When he was 3, he tried to artificially inseminate me with a grocery bag (no joke...real story.) And at 7, he would like Dad to put me in heat... What on earth have I done to deserve this??


Jenny said...

This still makes me laugh.

Charity said...

Jimi, that was so funny that I did something I have never done and that was shared it with my co-workers!