Monday, February 8, 2010

Ryan has Monia...

Last week was a bad week for Ryan...he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. It was not a fun time for him. He especially did not appreciate the male nurse who put that needle in his hand while he was sleeping. He is still asking, "Why would he do dat to me?! It hurt me so bad!" He did handle it like a trooper though. Basically, he was having a hard time breathing. His little tummy blows up like a ballon and deflates like a balloon, in a matter of seconds. He has trouble finding his breath. When we went into emergency, they said he was definately in distress and sent him for an xray. There, they saw the pneumonia in his upper chest. They then decided they would admit him. He was on this mask, that you see below, every 4 hours.

We would pass the time with movies, and his Geraffy, that Grandma and Grandpa brought him, really made him feel better!

The first day was a rough one, but by morning, he was back to his usual self.  When they brought him breakfast...OH MY!  You should have heard him moan with every bite.  Hospital eggs..mmmmm!
Cold toast...mmmmm!!
Crunchy pears....mmmmmm!!
Corn flakes....mmmmm!!
Warm milk...mmmm!!
Grape juice...mmmm!
Just imagine the yelp I heard when I found him some cheese in the fridge...His favorite!
Yep...he was one happy boy by this time!
Before you know it, he was up walking around his room. He was in isolation, as it was a respiratory thing, so he couldn't leave his room.

He was playing video games...
His nurses came in, and offered to give me a break, and played games with him.  I kinda think that made his healing much better!
Just look at the eyes...
He REALLY liked Nurse Jessica!

Oops...kinda over did it...time for the mask again.  Slow down son...take a deep breath.  Plenty of time for pretty girls LATER!
He got to come home the next day, rather than the original 4 days that they were talking.  So that was great.  He is doing MUCH better now, and we are hoping this will be it for a long time!  As Ryan said, "It is not so much pun (fun) having Monia (pneumonia) when you are just a little boy!"
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Jenny said...

Oh Jimi, I'm sad little Bear was having a tough time...sending you a big prayer and a giant hug...I suspect you are worn down. He is adorable Jimi. You are doing such an amazing job with him!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

So glad he's better and home. I remember my son had "monia" and he was hospitalized in Childrens for 9 days. Just breaks your heart when they stick them with needles. Not nice!
Hope you caught up on some rest.

Amy said...

I'm so glad to hear he is doing better. You have an adorable little trooper there!

Bob West said...

God Bless your little one