Thursday, February 25, 2010


We have been lucky enough to take part in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games...and we have had a FANTASTIC time!  Tony and Joey were able to make it to a hockey game...Germany vs. Belarus...Belarus won.  It was such a great night...they went into the city on their own to watch Grossi sing with the Vancouver Swiss Chior...They went to the Swiss House, but it was too busy for them to get in.
I sent along the camera and got 3 pictures in return.  Not too bad! :)

We also went into Vancouver for a day just to enjoy the hype of it all.  We were going to go in another day, but poor Ryan ended up in emergency with his pneumonia again, but we were still glad we made it in the time before!  Here we came across these sled dogs from Canada's North...they were beautiful and friendly.  Nicki could not get enough of them.

We went into the COKE pavillion, and a few of these pictures are for my friend, Lupe.  She will know why! :)  here is a coke display of new and old olympic coke cans and bottles.

Various Torches from over the years... ice cold COCA COLA!  MMMMM....Good! 
We each were handed  one upon entering the pavillion.
Here are the Coke people...they said they were handing out
Happiness when they gave us our cokes.  :)
They were in a polar bear swim here...

Here we are at the YaleTown Pavillion...a huge stage and screens on both sides.  I realized when I was going through my can't tell because the picture is so small...but on the stage, the guy to the farthest left with the cowboy hat Corb Lund...Google him...he is GREAT!! :)  Listen to his song "Truck Got Stuck" on YouTube. 
I guess he was performing later that night, and we just so happened to be
there while they were setting up.
Nicki and Kaycee taking in the skiing on the big screen!
Another sled dog...Nicki is loving life!
Joe was on cloud nine finding HOCKEY everywhere in the city!  He wanted pictures with everything HOCKEY! :)
Well, and batman too! :)
Here is where they had a zipline in Robson Square.  It went from a building to the covered platform you see below.  I was going to do it...but the line was too long.
OK...maybe I wouldn't do it in a million years...but it would make for an interesting blog post!!  "Woman Screams Bloody Murder and Never Gets Off of  Zipline Platform!"
Here is where they have an outdoor ice skating arena.  The mascots...Sumi, Quatchi, and Miga were ice skating but the pictures turned out pretty dark. 
Next you will find out what Joe's most favorite part of the Olympics were!  Wayne Gretzkys Jersey!  Woohoo!
The Stanley Cup!  He just about cried when he heard he could touch and get a picture taken with the cup...He was a happy boy.  Although he didn't appreciate the little joke I played on him after standing in line for about 40 min, and I said, "Oh look!  It looks like they are taking the cup away over there!  We missed it!"  Then the girl in front of us just about broke her neck trying to see where the cup was going.  I had to stop my joke and tell her and Joey that everything was ok!  They would still get to see the Stanley Cup!

Nicki was a little unsure if the Mountie was going to pick her up or not like he did with Ryan!
We were on our way home, and got lost, as usual...we were just talking about how we missed the Cauldron and wanted to see it the next time we came in.  Finally we had to ask for directions and when we pulled over...look what we saw!
I had to post this because there weren't too many of Kaycee and it was just too stinkin' cute!  She is listening to the Olympics Live on those headphones!!

AS you can tell, we had a FUN FUN FUN time in Vancouver.  I hope we have made some great memories for the kids.  I know I fully enjoyed it!! 
Now I am off to California for a few will be checking in when i get home...

I am participating in Alphebet Thursday over at
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This week is the letter F...
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Becky said...

My favorite pictures:

Nikki's facial in the bobsled

Joey with the Stanley cup

Ryan hugging the polar bear


Kaycee in those huge headphones.

TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

Wow it looks like you had a great amount of Fun!

Jackie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Those coke bottles are awesome. Here is another meme for thursday about bottles

Jenny said...

Jimi! You did it! I didn't know this was you and it was such a wonderful surprise to open this up and see your lovely smiling blog!

I know you're gone so you might not get this but I love all those pictures.

How F antastic that you are incorporated all this F abulous F un for the kids!

Love the bottles. Really, really cool!

You, my dear, have made my day having you participate in this!

Big hugs and hope CA isn't too brutal for you.


Viki said...

I just love the pictures. Great job.

Jo said...

It sure looks like you had Fun Fun Fun!!!

GardenofDaisies said...

thanks for sharing your VAncouver OLympics pics with us! Look at the mounties!!!!

Amanda said...

what a Fun post! It looks like you had a Fabulous time. Fantastic pictures!

Catherine said...

Fabulous photos, fun post! :)

mub said...

This looks like a blast! I really wish I would've gone out and participated when the Olympics were in Salt Lake in 2002 but I was stupid and just wanted nothing to do with it at the time! Now I have regrets *L*

jendar00 said...

Hi Jimi,
Loved looking at your pictures. What a beautiful, wonderful family you have. All though I see you are making the same mistake I did.
Whenever we went anywhere, I took all the that my family is grown and I look back on pictures, it looks like I was never there. Get in more pictures! The children will thank you for it when they are older.
Love, Jennie Johnson