Monday, February 8, 2010


We took the kids to a hockey game recently...and they had a great time. Ryan loved meeting "HAWKEY", and insists that Hawkey is his friend. Ok, well the mascot was great, but I, personally, do not like hockey...too much fighting for this moms taste. But, it was a great game, and I actually enjoyed myself a bit. I do have to say, there were 7 or 8 fights...and I had a real winner of a guy sitting next to me, screaming each time, "Kill him! Pound him till he bleeds!! Beat the *#!* out of him!!" Well, the party pooper in me came out, as I had my 4 year old in my lap, and I told the guy in my best MOM VOICE I could muster up, "This is the family section you know." He laughed. He probably thought, "This is a hockey game MOMMY!!" Oh well, I gave it my best shot.

Needless to say, the kids had a FANTASTIC time! HAWKEY was very nice to them, too...

Look at those smiles! How can I deny Joe his greatest love?! I can't. It was a packed game. His smile was huge. His heart was full. I just won't tell him that I will never allow him to play hockey...sigh...I know...
We will just let him think he will play in the NHL just a little longer.

Party Pooper.

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