Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party...

Every year we have a pumpkin carving party out in our shop.  What started out as just having family over to carve some pumpkins, has turned into 80 or so people having a party before Halloween.  About 3 weeks before Halloween, we start getting phone calls, "Are you having your party this year?" 
The kids hand out invitations a week or two before the party. 
We started doing this thinking that everyone has to carve pumpkins, why not do it together?!  The kids have a ball.  They can run all over the shop, and no harm can be done.  I don't have to worry about the house being spotless because having the party in the shop...nobody is going to the house!  Plus, in all honestly, I find it kind of ironic, that if a party is in the house...everyone is checking the house out..."Any cobwebs?"  Yet, if the party is in the shop...nobody cares how dirty the shop is!!  HA! 
The adults have a good time too...there is lots of food and drinks and plenty of gossip to find out just from last years party alone! 
Here are a few of the pictures...half way through the night I realized none of my pictures were turning out...they were all blurry!  Uhhh...ya.  Time to adjust the settings on my camera!
Here is the basic set-up.  We pull the haywagons into the shop, and everyone finds their spot on the wagons.  Hay bales work as good stools for the kids to stand on.

Jerad and Casey...working so very hard!  Play time will come later, in the hay...

The local farmers discussing who's manure spreader spreads manure the farthest...
Note that Tony is so serious in the conversation, he is just dangling Kaycee ...My poor daughter!

Didn't take long for the older kids to start climbing in the hay.

Allison and her friend...getting in some serious girl talk.

Here are the Apperloo kids, show off their masterpieces.

Joey all sweaty and dirty...Just the way a boy should be!

Kaycee and Sarah...

Little Katie looking all purdy...
** still need to come pick up your pumpin seeds in that bucket!  They are starting to grow hair and smell worse than the manure pit!**

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Back against that wall...that is THE FOOD...Good Lord, THE FOOD!  We tell our guests not to eat dinner because there is enough food for an army.  Everyone brings a plate of something...and goes home stuffed!

What a great night...thanks everyone for coming!  Until Next Year!!

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wish we could have been there!