Monday, November 2, 2009


In September, we headed down to sunny San Diego for Richie and Rustie's wedding.  It was a great time...I know I am so delayed in getting these pictures on here.  Some day I will catch up!!  I am getting so frustrated with won't let me organize the pictures, so you are going to get them in a crazy order. 

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Rich and Rustie...we couldn't be happier for you guys!  We love you both...and are so excited that you have both found the happiness that you waited so long to find. 
T.J., Loren, Jerad, Justin, and John...We are excited to see where this new part of your life takes you all.  It is a great thing and we are so glad we got to share in this special day.

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Jenny said...

This looks like a wonderful wedding. And Wow Jimi! You look awesome in green! Beautiful girl!