Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Meet Joey...the clown.

Nicki...The "Hilly Billy".

Ryan, why yessur, dis here is our little cowboy!

This is Kaycee, our little Eskimo!

This picture was PERFECT!  If you notice, just as I clicked the picture, Kaycee lifted Cowboy Ryans hat right off his head.  Love his eyes!

Whew!  We finally got our picture!  But, Ryan is not taking any chances...he moved over to the other side, and is not taking his eyes off of Kaycee! :)

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Jenny said...

Talk about heart warming. Those just made me laugh, Jimi! Love those pictures...and how Little Bear has that suspicious look on his face. What a fabulous family you have Miss Jimi!

Monica said...

LOVE the pictures, Jimi!!