Sunday, July 20, 2008

Welcome to CANADA!!!

We were so lucky to have the Clark Family come visit us all the way from Hawaii!!
I think by the end of their trip, it might be a slight resemblence to the Clarks on the Chevy Chase "Vacation" movies...but that will be told after. :)

Jim, Becky, Teresa and Alan...have lived in Hawaii for the last few years, as Jim was stationed there with the Army. He spent 15 months in Iraq...and a while after returning, they were told that they would soon be relocating to Kansas.
What a transition! But, I am sure they will be just fine, as they seem to make "HOME" wherever they go.
While they were sad to go...I started plotting that this could be good for me!! This would mean that they would ship their van to to Seattle...which is only 2 1/2 hours from the Canadian border...and will happened.
We had a GREAT visit.
The kids (who have been pen pals) finally got to meet, and soon became great friends in person.

Jim and Becky...we hope the rest of your trip goes well. You will love Yellowstone. Thanks so much for making the trip up here to see us. It was a GREAT day. We forgot to say thankyou for the coffee and chocolates...The coffee was promptly opened the next day...and the chocolates...well, lets just say....every hand in the house soon found them.

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nanapapava said...

It was so lovely of you to host Becky's family for the day! They had been so looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying your farm. I love the pictures of all of you! Thanks!

Becky's mom -- Nana