Sunday, July 6, 2008


On Saturday, June 28...we had a suprise bridal shower for Danielle...I am glad to say that she was fully surprised. (Definately something she does not like! :)
We were so lucky that her friend, Deb, offered her house for the fun. We had a beautiful view of the water in Tacoma and the house was so nice and comfy. Made things so much easier since we were bringing it all from Custer and Canada.
This is where she is saying that she couldn't believe what we had done...
Tee hee....mission accomplished!

Dani's friend Karen gave me this great idea for a game. It was a "Newlywed Game" type...I asked Brian some questions about both him and Dani in advance. Then Dani had to answer the same questions. Each one that she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of hubba bubba gum. Needless to say...she had to chew ALOT of gum! :)

Now this is where I would insert a few more pictures that my mom took...but I am having trouble saving them in my pictures. So...when I get it figured out, I will add them to this post. was alot of fun, and was so nice meeting your friends in Tacoma. Deb, JK and Karin...thank so much for the input, advice and helping hand. Without your being as sneaky as me...there is no way it would have been pulled off!!
Mom...I am still mad at you for making me get lost in the ghetto of Seattle...I am still certain if we had to go back up that road, those THUGS would have surrounded my canadian mini-van...and who knows what they would have done!!!
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Anonymous said...

You did a great job Jimi. It was a great time. And I did NOT take you through the getto...Your car did. We made it. Dani is going to be a beautiful bride with all her pregnant brides-maids. To bad the weed-eater was the winning gift for the bride to be. Dad knows how to pick out the perfect gift.