Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Getaway...

A few weeks ago we were soooo lucky to get away for a few days with NO kids!  We had a ton of FUN!  We went with our friends, Joe and Hallie...we took the ferry, and went to Salt Spring Island.  It was so nice there.  The weather was perfect!
This was a neat little patio we had outside our room...had a fireplace and was so cozy sitting here drinking our coffee first thing in the morning.

View from the room...

First thing Saturday morning, we headed over to the farmers market that they put on.  Lots of neat little trinkets and homemade things.  We ate kale, and nettle...dried.  It was good...different though.  Here was some bread and it smelled soooo yummy!

Now, let me say...this place reminded me of Bisbee, Arizona a bit.  A hippie here, and a hippie there...but this guy...he REALLY reminded me of my Bisbee days!  Come on...you can't argue it, can you?!

He told me he was very famous.  As famous as Michael Buble, and Nellie Furtado.  I asked him "How is that?!"  He said, "Have you ever heard of YouTube?  I have millions of hits on YouTube!"  Really now?!  I think I might head over to YouTube and see how famous this guy is!  I think my Joey's 40,000 hits on his milking a cow video is by far more famous! :)
Anyways, this guy said he had the 8th wonder of the world!  This little wooden contraption...he would spin it through the air and the sun would reflect and give you a kalidascope feeling...Our friend Joe is NOT so sure Hallie should be letting this guy show her his 8th Wonder Of The World!

Ah HA!  Lookie There!  Joey Jacobs has let Mr. YouTube perform his magic on him!!  I think since being home Joe has subscribed to his YouTube page...I'm just sayin'...
Hallie and I enjoying the day...
This was The TreeHouse Restaurant...had a tree trunk growing
right in the middle of the restaurant.
I told my WONDERFUL friends that I wanted to look for seashells.  So, we asked some WONDERFUL local boys, how far it was to SeaShell Beach...thier reply, "Only 15 minutes up that trail."  Ya...right!  That trail took us right up a mountain!  Unlike my Olympian friends...I am NOT in shape to climb a MOUNTAIN!  Who was I kidding?!  They kept climbing that mountain, and I kept begging, "Please, lets go back!  Take me to Sea Shell Beach!!" 
I think it was at this point I started wondering if they were secretly plotting to kill me...I was sweating, panting, begging for a break.  There were cliffs to the right...steep mountain side to the left...I am pretty sure I heard my friends ask Tony if he had a good life insurance policy.  MURDER FOR SURE!  Or maybe they were thinking I was going to have a heart attack right there on that mountain. 

What?!  Is this it?!  I don't see any seashells!!  Look at Hallie, "See Jimi!  It wasn't so bad!!  Look it is BEAUTIFUL!!"  Ya...whatever.  You soak in the beauty while I look for my inhaler.
Ok...maybe it was pretty.  And maybe I was happy I climbed that mountain.  Hey, maybe I will even pose for a picture!
Look!  I really did survive!!  But, it wasn't long after I took this picture that I realized, we climbed UP the mountain, then DOWN to the water...that meant I would have to climb back UP the mountain to get back DOWN to our car!  Some people would call them friends...I am starting to wonder!
Once I got over the shock of the climb...I started to marvel at the beauty around me...look at this cool old house.  The back side was built into the hill.  See the little square just below the peak of the house?  It had the date "1901" on it...I so would love to know the history behind that house!
We did venture over to the other side of the island to look for seashells, (I think my friends and husband got tired of my moaning and complaining about wanting to find seashells...) but we didn't find much.
Just crabs.
One starfish.
One seal...
6 deer.
We are now on our way home...this is the passage out.  Beautiful, isn't it?!
Here is Joe and Hallie after their relaxing weekend away with no kids...
Awww...they LUB each other!!
Tony and I after a long, relaxing weekend away...We LUB each other too, but no kissing pictures for us!  We still need to talk about that life insurance conversation...
It really was a GREAT weekend.  I really don't think any of us were ready to go home.  We laughed, and laughed, and laughed...
You know...everyone needs weekends like that!
Thanks Joe and Hallie for a GREAT weekend!
Thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of our 4 kiddo's so we could do this!
We have planned a repeat...can you watch the kids?! :)

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Amy said...

Looks like a wonderful time! You live in a very beautiful part of the world!