Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicki!!

Well, our little Nicki seems to be growing up...she turns 11 today! Where on earth has the time gone?! I tell all of my kids to stop growing, but they just don't listen.

Today looks like it will be packed full of to soccer camp IN THE SNOW...then to the pool for a party with Nicki's friends.  When we come home, that is when we will find out if our 11 year old got any birthday presents.
Happy Birthday Nicki...our happy go lucky, caring, loving, sometimes cranky, animal loving, beautiful singing, pretty, always smiling (unless cranky, of course...), awesome big sister, wonderful daughter...
Hope your 11th birthday is your best yet!  Enjoy your day...
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Amy said...

Awww...they grow too fast!!!

Happy Birthday Nicki!

Anonymous said...

Why is our sweet little grand daughter getting so big and turning into such a lovely young lady? Can't wait for our special outing with you this week-end. Love you Nicki.
Grandpa and Grandma