Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Vote!!

I am not sure who is really reading this silly blog...but...I have a favor to ask whoever is still reading...:)
I have entered my niece in a baby photo is through our local paper, Would you vote for her?  The contest runs from today until, I believe the 28th...

She is just the cutest thing! Plus, you will thoroughly enjoy her hair! I have never seen anything like it.   It would be great if she won, as she would win a gift certificate to the best little baby store around!!  I will also put a link on the sidebar to my page here, so that when you want to vote, you can just come here and click on the link.

Unfortunately, you have to register to vote, but it is quick and not much to it, and as I said, it is for our local paper and a little baby shop in town, so they won't be sending you a bunch of spam from it.

Her title is: KATE THE GREAT and she is wearing a little green sleeper. There are about 100 entries, so you if you can't see it from the link below, there is a spot where you can click on KATE THE GREAT. is her picture you will be looking for!! :)

You can find the entry here:

**If this link isn't working, you will see Kate on the right side of my blog on KATE THE GREAT, and it will take you to her page**

(Not sure how to add it and make it highlight, so if you have trouble with this, please let me know!!)
**Just so you know, you can vote once a day!! And feel free to tell your friends!!**
***Just a side note...when you pull up Kate The Great to vote, her picture will come up, at that time, you will click on SAVE VOTE. That will confirm your vote.***

Thanks so much! You are the best!!

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