Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life is good...

We had such a fun experience recently, and wanted to share our fun with you! I was out mowing the lawn, and saw a car drive by rather slowly. They turned around and came back, I was thinking they were maybe wanting to buy some eggs. They pulled in and I went over to see what they needed.
They were a such a nice couple, Chris and Amanda. They were photographers, and they would be photographing a wedding in a few weeks, and they were wondering if they could use our hay as a backdrop. After talking with Tony, we figured this would be fine. Chris and Amanda offered to take some pictures for us, as their appreciation. We decided to get some pictures taken of the kids. They came out a week or so later, and we had the best time ever! Chris and Amanda just started shooting, and definately knew what they were doing.
Ryan wasn't so sure at first, but in no time, they had time running through the grass and posing and he didn't even know it! :) We got the pictures back the next week! Talk about speedy work! We could have not been more pleased with the finished result. The only problem was that we had such a tough time deciding which pictures we liked the BEST!!

Another week later, the bride and groom showed up with their entire wedding party. The picture frenzy began! (You can definately tell the next two pictures I way in any shape or form as great as what chris and amanda did for us! Mine were quite blurry as I had to zoom because I took them from the kitchen window! :))

They were all looking like they were having such a fun time! Nicki and Joe made them a pitcher of lemonade, as it was a HOT one out there. It was gone when they left, so they definately seemed to enjoy it. :)

We were so surprised when the parents stopped by the following Monday with a beautiful fruit basket.
It just goes to show, that there is so much good out there. Give a little...get a little...make new friends.
Life is definately good.

Thanks so much to Chris and Amanda! We absolutely LOVE the pictures!! For those of you looking for have to call them! They have the best English accents...and are alot of fun! You have to go to their blog...they have our pictures on there in a slideshow. You go to the main page, then client viewing, and the password is "farm". Check out the rest of their site too...their URL is:

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Amy said...

Jimi - I have so much fun reading your blog!! Just got caught up this morning. Your kiddos are growing so fast! Hugs, Amy

Becky said...


The pictures are AWESOME!!! I totally cannont decide which one is my favorite!!! WOW!!!