Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have become my mother!

Dear Brother...
I thought there was something important you should know. I have become...OUR MOTHER! Yes, it is true. There are a few things she did to us, as children, that made us become the fine, upstanding adults that we are today.
One of them being shown in the picture above.

I am sure you remember this. It was, oh say, back in 1980. You, of course, were being mean to me. As usual. And our mom, got tired of my feelings being hurt, and sided with me...oh wait. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! Bwhwahahahhaaa!
The real story is...we were doing our usual bickering...OUR MOTHER...probably got sick of hearing it, and made us sit together and HOLD HANDS! What mother does that??!! Well, that would be OUR MOTHER, of course.

From thelooks of this picture:
Me, in my AYSO Golden Girls soccer shirt, sporting my lovely soon to be Dorothy Hammel haircut, and California sun-stroked freckles...didn't seem to mind as much as you.
You, in your usual baseball attire...can't seem to remember the name of your team. (Guess I was focusing too much on your lack of hand holding.)

Well, looks like we both survived that horrific day. We are both grown, mature adults, with children of our own.This iswhere you see, how I have become OUR MOTHER!!
This picture was taken last summer. Nicki and Joe for some odd reason were bickering! (Must have learned that from their uncle, of course...)
Well, The MOTHER, in me came out...They were told to sit on the lawn for 10 min. Holding hands, as employees, and neighbors all drove by...

Then, this morning, it happened again. All's I wanted was a nice, quiet shower. I heard the pounding on the door. I shut off the water, and heard the yelling. I asked them very nicely to wait for me outside the door.
I came out, very calmly tied their hands together, told them to hold hands, and they could finish making their lunches and eat their breakfast, while holding hands.

Yes, it is true. I have become OUR MOTHER.

Even worse...I enjoyed it.

Yes...I did. As our MOTHER probably enjoyed it as well. You see, she enjoyed so well, she took out her camera. As did I. But those pictures will remain in the vault for the next 29 years, as ours did. Maybe I can black mail them with those pictures. Maybe I won't.

Nicki seemed to enjoy it more than Joe. Must be the girl thing.
But they both seemed to come unglued when I told them I might need them to go out to the barn for milk.
"NO MOM!! NO!!! All the workers will see us!!"
Thinking I might have been enjoying it a little too much...and thinking, "OUR MOM would have made us go out to the barn..."
I kindly grinned, told them they could take their tie off and could get their backpacks on and go out to the bus.
With the warning, "Next time, I will make you do that on the bus all the way to school."

So, here you have. My written confession.
Truth be known...It was kinda fun.

Hope your trip was fun!
Your Loving Sister

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....Great memories of days gone by. I always said "I hope you have kids just like you" and it came true...Haha. This is only the beginning, but you both are very good parents, so glad I was a good role model..:)