Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lordy Lordy!! It has been ages since I updated this thing!! Figured I better get on it, or else this baby will be here, and I will never get a chance to update!
Lots of nothings going on around here. Been keeping busy getting the end of the year crops in. Corn is in, and we are waiting on one more cut of grass silage. The weather is getting colder and wetter, so hope to get it done soon!!
Of course lots going on with the monkeys, from dentists, to ear nose and throat dr's, and on to optomologists...does it ever end?
So, here is our update in pictures...Enjoy!


Just Keep Movin' said...

I enjoyed your pics on your blog.

Too bad mom can't see the blog. You will have to send ol" fashion pics to her

chelsea said...

Jimi your pictures are wonderful. Thats good that you figured out what is up with Joey's eyes. Congrats on your first "canadian" thanksgiving. talk to you soon, hugs

~the Meiers down the other road ;) *wink*