Friday, August 15, 2008

So Much To Share!!

We have had such a busy summer!! There are so many pictures and I am sure you will get bored with them...but I am posting them anyways.
Because I can! :)

First, and foremost...I am happy to CONGRATULATE Brian and Danielle, on getting married! We are so excited for them. Happy to have Brian join the family. Happy that my sister has finally found her soul mate. Happy that I don't have to tell people anymore, "No, she just hasn't found THE ONE, yet..."
They had a beautiful day, lots of friends and family...and I am sure it is a day they will never forget.

They rented a house for us to stay at while we were down in Gig Harbor for the wedding. (Thanks guys!!) We stayed there with my mom and dad, and Richie and his family came up. It was nice to have everyone together and to not have to travel from hotel to hotel to see each other. The kids played and had a ball.
After the wedding, Rich and Rustie and boys were able to come north for a longer visit. Unfortunately, Loren had to go back to San Diego for Cheer Camp. And Jerad...well, the Marines wanted him back. We got to have John and Justin stay with us. You will see from the pictures that we had a GREAT time...
So...I will stop posting for now...and let the pictures speak for themselves.
I am hoping that Rich and Nicki's 2 videos come up on here...I had them below, and somehow, they disappeared. Must be time for bed...but I will put them back on and hope you don't have trouble with them...
Also, there are some pictures below that I cannot take credit for. Dani's photographer took them, and I will add his name under the pictures so he will get the credit for them. (I don't know protocol on these trying to play it safe.)
If Dani gives me permission...maybe I can post her slideshow that he sent her as well...
Remember, to play any of the videos that I have posted, you will have to pause the player in the right hand column. (The green box...)

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