Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joe's Milking Video...

Well, I had Joe's milking video in the bar on the right of this screen, but what happens is, blogger or youtube, only allows 4 videos. But I have 6 videos on my you tube account. (Nicki singing, Ryan talking and Joes milking.) For some reason, it took off Joes milking video and put Ryan on there, even though I have Ryan posted a few posts down.
I don't know how to fix that...SO...Joey is going to get his own post here! (Just a tad bit computer challenged! )
So...for those who haven't seen Little Joe working away in the is your chance:

Click on this URL and it will take you there:

1 comment:

Jenny M. said...

Wow, he is sure a master of moving that bucket around quickly. Is that Tony in the video with him? Your milking parlor is spotless ! I'm really impressed and amazed, Jimi.