Wednesday, October 3, 2007

George Canyon Concert...

For my birthday, Nicki and Tony took me to see George Canyon...
We had a GREAT time...Here are the pictures to share...

This picture shows Nicki going up to the stage
and showing George the sign she made for him. It said,
"It's a Good Day To Sing" :)
After looking at the poster and showing it to the crowd, he
asked her, " I get to keep this, or do you want it back?"
Nicki thought about it for a little while, and responded with:
"Well, actually, I think I'd like it back."
(She did sign the poster for him and give it to him when he
signed her hat at the end of the night.) tell me who this looks like...
This picture was taken after Nicki sang for George. She said, "Since he
is always singing for everyone, I want to sing him a song."
With that, she sang, "I'm Puny Short and Little, But I'm Loud".
He made her promise him that she wouldn't quite singing because she has something special.
You should have seen her glow after that!! :)
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