Monday, November 15, 2010

Here is Nicki at the end of the night...utterly and completely Over The Moon!


Jason Catron...Jason is from Nashville, and Nicki thinks it is pretty cool that she actually knows someone who lives in Nashville. She thought it was even cooler that he was at the opening of The Grand Ol' Opry after their floods.
So, Jason is really in Nicki's "cool" book. ha!

Shane Wiebe...He is from our town. He was was a finalist on Canadian Idol. He recently did a cross Canada "motorhome" tour with his wife, Angela...and family. They have an amazing talent.
(Yes, he is in her cool book too...)

This is Mark David Williams...he is from Minneapolis.  He was so great to work with.  He helped Nicki on where she would be standing and what she needed to do with her mic.  He has an amazing testimony.  He talked about being in a terrible accident, as he was hit by a drunk driver.  It is amazing all that he went through, and having a great faith to get him through it.  Wish we all could be a testimony from accidents or situations such as that rather than fall victim to it.  Oh, and for sure he is the 3rd in Nicki's cool book. :)
So here she is practicing for the show.  Actually, Nicki did not know until that afternoon if she would be performing or not.  They needed to make sure that she meshed well with the group, as they didn't want to mess up the song in anyway.  So, after she sang it for her 2 times, they told her that she would indeed be singing with them that night...

Here she is after they told her...TRYING TO CONTAIN HER EXCITEMENT! :) 
Look at that smile...she was thrilled. 
(And mom was a little proud too when Jason gave me the thumbs up.)

Off we were to get dressed.  I promised her I would not post a bathroom picture of her.  She said EVERYONE would know I just took her picture alongside a TOILET! 
Sorry Nicki...Your mother likes this picture, toilet or it is! 

And another below the toilet involved here.

Just kinda liked this picture.  Don't remember taking it actually.

The Tenors being funny...they did put on a great show. 

This is Shane and his wife, Angela.  I love this picture. 
Alot of the pictures didn't turn out because there is a "fog" that went throughout the whole church.  But this one turned out so good! 

The Introduction... 
Here she goes..."Sempre Vicino"

Whew!  The pressure is off...Now here is Nicki acting like the goofy 11 year old that she is.  I was very proud of her that night...she did a fantastic job!
Thank You Shane, Jason and Mark...You guys were so nice to our girl.  Each of you have a testimony to be proud of and it shines throughout your show.
And many thanks to Jill Siemens....she wrote the song, "Sempre Vicino", and she also founded "Tenore" and she is also the founder of "The Canadian Tenors"...I appreciate that she invited Nicki to sing and that she shared this song with Nicki.  It was a challenge for her, and it was great for her to be able to share in this night!
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