Thursday, June 24, 2010

W...Wanna Watch Some Videos?! :)

****NOTE****before watching any videos, be sure to shut off the music playing on the right side bar of this blog...otherwise they will all play at the same time!! :)
Well, I was finally able to figure out my new video camera and how to put my videos on the computer...I don't know why these things are so hard for me.  But one day I am going to kidnap a computer whiz, and make him live in my basement and whenever I want...he...or she...will fix, maintain, and teach me all of the computer secrets. 
So...on this W post, I thought I would ask you...would you like to watch some videos? 
First, we have, Nicki singing at her schools talent show.  She sang "Hallelujah" from the movie, Shrek.  As her mama...I think she did pretty good! :)  (Ok, she didn't really look like this, but was playing with the computer...teehee...)

click here:

Next, we have Joey...he also was in the talent show.  It was NOT Mama pre-approved, so I was quite worried when he said he was going to do a football act.  Not approved meaning, everytime I asked him, "So, what is your act?"  His reply was, "Oh we haven't figured it out yet, but it is hilarious!", on the day of the show, this is what they had:  (OK...he did ok for a not mama approved stunt!)

click here:

Here is another Nicki singing video.  She was recently in a singing competition/festival for her singing school, and she won.  She sang "her version" of Loretta Lynns, Coal Miners Daughter...

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And last, because it has been on the camera the longest, this is Nicki on stage with The Three Christian Tenors.  She entered a contest to sing onstage with the tenors, Shane Wiebe, Mark David Williams and Jason Catron.  While she didn't win, they called her up on stage because she won runner up.  And it is just a funny little clip of Nicki with the Tenors.  They were so nice to her, and each time I watch it, it makes me laugh!!

click here:

So, that is it for my videos...Hope you liked them!  If you want to join in on some more fun, head on over to Jenny's site for more W posts!!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

If you kidnap a computer wizard, can I borrow him/her?

Viki said...

I think everyone would like to borrow the computer wiz lol. Great W post.

Christy said...

I love your videos! I gave birth to 9 children and not one of them is a computer geek - sheesh how unfair is that???

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh my goodness! Nicki You have a beautiful voice! The second and third video clips are not linked, but I was able to copy and paste them to view. I love how Nicki sings Coal Miner's daughter. And I love her speaking voice too :o)

And Joey and his buddy had some great passes and catches :o)

How fun to get to go on stage with The Three Christian Tenors :o) Our son performed for Children's Miracle Network back in 2007 and the Jonas Brother's were there performing too :o)
Thank you for sharing your videos :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
(I am computer challenged here too! :o)


Well, that was quite fun to watch. First, NIcki has a great voice and I think she is a future star. The boys were cute and though I couldn't link on your blog, I was able to find them on Youtube. Thanks for sharing on Alphabet Thursday.

Jenny said...

Hi Jimi,

I can't get them to link here. I watched them at CBP but for some reason my computer won't load these.

Perhaps you can send that kidnapped wizard over!

Your kids are amazing!

And so are you!

Thanks for this wonderful link on our little journey through Alphabet-Thursday's Letter "W".


And a hug for those sweet kids!