Thursday, April 1, 2010 for KIDS say the darndest things...

So, the other night...we had nachos for dinner.  I made them a bit spicey, so I was not surprised when Nicki, (*my 11 year old*), complained that her tummy was hurting.
I told her to go to the bathroom and get me the tums.

She brought them out, and I gave her one and said it should help her feel better.  Soon,  I saw Joe, (*my 9 year old*), eyeing the Tums and Nicki with a very giggly face.
I see him whisper something to Nicki, and it was then I realized what he asked her...

"OMG Nicki!  Why is mom giving you
her pregnancy pills?"
The look of shock and total laughter was soon taking over his face.  I guess the only time he see's me take my Tums is when I have been pregnant...poor boy couldn't figure out why on earth I would be making Nicki take them! 

Totally Cracked Me UP!!

Also...a bit more laughter in the house today.  Of course it had to do with April 1st...what would April 1st be without a good joke or two?!

So, last night, Nicki had a 4-H meeting.  While eating a donut or two, she put her retainer in her jacket pocket.  On the way home, she realized she lost her retainer.  In a state of panic, she starts to cry and Tony turns around and they went back to look for her retainer.  They couldn't find it.
Later in the night, the lady where they had the meeting, called...She Found The Retainer!  Woohoo!
I went to pick it up this morning.
With a little prank in mind, I made my way home.  Whipped up a batch of chocolate, and mixed in some granola bar...and made a nice little cow pie.  I topped it off guessed it...Nicki's retainer!
When she came home from school, I told her they found her retainer.  She was thrilled.  Then I put the bag in front of her, and said, "The only problem is, it was in the manure."  She wasn't too sure until she saw some grass embedded in her retainer.
Hoping that is the last time she loses her retainer! :)

Then, I took out some lovely Chocolate Covered SPONGE that Ryan and I made...Yummy!  Gave one to each of the kids and gave them to the workers outside.
Definately made for another SUCCESSFUL April 1st.

Totally patting myself on the back here!  Mom is GREAT!!!

Because it is should head on over to Jenny's site and see how much fun she is having over there! :)


Monica said...

Jimi, you (and your kids) CRACK me up!!!

Catherine said...

Yes, the do ... and often at the most inopportune times! Fun K post :) .
Catherine :)

Linda said...

That is so funny!!! I had major heartburn when I was pregnant. Thanks for making me smile.

mub said...

Hah that might deter me from losing the retainer again! My husband has to wear a bite guard to bed and he's constantly misplacing it... I need to make this idea work somehow. He might get suspicious and ask why I had a cow in the apartment though *L*

Christy said...

bwahahahaha love what you did to the retainer - I bet she doesn't loose it again.

Jenny said...

Jimi, your kids are amazing. They really make me laugh.

After hearing your accolades over and over from Judy,Dee and Becky during Chickfest I'm making it a priority to head up to the frozen North...soon!

But you better not give me a ganache covered sponge to eat!

Great K stop!

Tell the kids Hoppy Easter!


Jo said...

what a funny K post ... good prank! and i just gotta say i adore the b&w photo of the bare feet coming out of the barn window .... great shot!!!

mbkatc230 said...

Pregnancy pills! That is so funny. I bet the next time his stomach hurts he won't tell you! Love the retainer story, what a hoot. And we have that same captioned picture hanging in the vet clinic where I work, it always makes me laugh. Kathy

Steph said...

Gotta love those pregnancy pills. You are a fun mom. Glad y'all got the retainer back. Whew.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Tooo funny! Haha...
...cute story about the Tums and your April fool's about the found retainer.
aw poor girl...I'm a hygienist and stories of retainers are pretty amazing...those retainers do turn up in the craziest places!

Blessings & Aloha!
(still trying to make it to all the great K posts, before it's already time for the L posts!)