Friday, July 17, 2009

On the way home from the zoo, we decided to stop at this cute little restaurant, called, The Little Red Barn. Well, we were happy as clams to be going in and getting a nice, country style meal...Uhhh...ya.
Thought we left the zoo behind! Instead, as we went inside, we were greated by Wanda...(names have been changed to protect the innocent...) Wanda told us to just to just sit down...we did what Wanda said, as Wanda didn't look like someone we wanted to argue with. Just ask Hallie! Our friend Joe ordered the salad bar...figured he was the smart one. Until later, I told him I should have had the salad bar, and Joe's reply was, "No Jimi...only one of us needs to get salmanilla." Oh My! Their were a few more customers coming in the door...Bubba. Jim-Bob, his brother Darrel and his other brother Darryl. We came to the conclusion that Jeff Foxworthy must have come up with most of his jokes at this establishment. "You know your a redneck..." Ya.
As we left the restaurant, I found we were leaving with a friend...a worm that had attached himself to MY ARM! I do believe he was BEGGING to get out of there!
I'm Just Sayin'...
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