Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She is HERE!!

Kaycee McCain Meier
November 26, 2008
7lbs 14oz
We are thrilled to let you know that little Kaycee made her arrival on November 26, 2008...She is doing great and we are so glad she is here.
I have been offline for awhile now...the last few weeks, waiting for her to come, were long and I became quite impatient. Life wasn't so "comfortable" anymore...and my poor family had to endure "cranky" me for some time.
Kaycee came fast and without alot of warning. (My 2nd contraction was 5 min after the first...)
We decided to use the middle name, "McCain", as a tribute to my Grandad. Although he isn't here anymore, I thought it was fitting to continue his name in some way. My most valued childhood memories are from the days spent in Southern California. So many people from those days are gone now, and I miss them so much. Some things you just cannot get back no matter how hard you my own way...with Kaycee, I now have a forever reminder of those special times. I will be able to share with my kids the reason behind her name...and they will know that even though I live in Canada now...I came from somewhere special.
So...I won't rattle on are a ton of pictures...
Thanks to all of you for your emails and calls wishing us well...I will try to reply soon.


Jenny said...

Oh Jimi, just precious. And your words were beautiful and poignant. Your family is so lucky to have someone always willing to carry on the legacies of times past. There's a little pink something in the mail for beautiful Kaycee when you or Tony can brave the snowy winter roads. Hugs and hugs and hugs and congratulations!

Just Keep Movin' said...

So very pretty. Your new little one is beautiful! Mom will be looking forward to ol' fashion pics from you if and when you have time.


love to all

Anonymous said...

Oh How Beautiful she is !!!!!!!!!
Congrats to all of you & hope you are doing well too !!!!!!!
Take care of that beautiful family !
~Suzann & family