Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nicki's singing competition...

Instead of having a recital this year, Nicki opted to sing in a competion festival that her music school puts on. She sang "Hero", by Mariah Carey. She didn't place, but did get an Honorable Mention. As "MOM"...I thought she did great. I am supposed to think that. :) She was disappointed and wished that she would have placed. The only other talent show she was in, she placed 3rd, *out of 4*, and she said this time...
"I just wish I had improved. This says I haven't improved at all." She was quiet the rest of the day. Sometimes things like this are good. She is a determined girl, so maybe it will make her work harder to get what she wants.
The judge said she was out of tune, and it threw her off not to be with the music. I recorded it, but for some reason my camera was set to a timer, and during the recording it shut off after each minute! So, I have 4 clips that I will try to piece together. The first picture here says "Movie", but it is not a movie. Just pictures.
Anyways...we were very proud of her. We think she did a FABULOUS job...and if anything...I admire her for just getting up in front of people. Not something I would do.
Receiving her "Honorable Mention" trophy.
Her first trophy.
This is Nicki's singing teacher, Stacy. Nicki absolutely
LOVES her!! She has been so great, and Nicki has
learned so much from her.

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Anonymous said...

Nicki..You always learn from your mistakes. You were great. You were one of the youngest there. You got an award, some didn't. You are very talented and as you get older, you will place higher and higher. Keep working hard.
Love you Grandma and Grandpa