Friday, December 14, 2007

In Loving Memory...

2 years have come and gone, and we are each still missing you.
You were what I would call, "Old Faithful"...not because you were old...:) But because anytime we were to call, you were always happy to answer the phone.
Come for a visit??
You were the first to greet us.
You would come everyday to see us and stay until bedtime.
My birthday? You were ALWAYS the first to call.
Who else could I send tons of pictures to of my kids, and know that you would never say, "Good grief, she keeps sending me all of these boring pictures."
You were the Faithful kind...the one that we could always rely on.
I miss you Grandma. I would give anything to pick up the phone, just one more time and tell you that I love you.
I remember growing up with you. You spanking me when I walked down the road with no adults. "HI GRANDMA!!"
Taking us camping in Idaho...catching my first fish with you and Grandpa. Falling into Big Elk...
Having you live with us in Arizona...
And visiting you in Campo after you moved over there.
You came to visit us here, and always enjoyed seeing the farm.
You were the Faithful one.
I know you are resting in peace now.
We are all doing alright. We just miss you.
It was YOU who kept our family connected.
Since you left, things just haven't been the same.
Until we see you again...
We love you.
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Becky said...

What a great tribute.

I LOVE that picture!!

richie said...

Grandma has been heavy on my mind the past couple of weeks, especially on the 10th. I miss her tons too and sure wish she was here. I wish I could talk to her one more time and let her know what has been going on but I am certain she knows. I knew our family would be different without her but I didn't realize how much. I love you sis and I hope we can do more as a family in the next couple years. I love you all!!