Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nicki MEETS Tanya Tucker!!


Back in March Nicki was given tickets to Loretta Lynn for her birthday. She was thrilled that Loretta was coming to town, as Nicki loves the "old time" country music. She has sang "Coal Miners Daughter" at various events, as she loves Loretta Lynn.

During the summer, Nicki was invited once again to sing the American/Canadian anthems at the fair. She was thrilled to be invited again. Closer to the fair we heard that Loretta had to cancel her show. While Nicki was disappointed, her spirits remained high as she said, "Well, if Loretta couldn't be there, how did they know Tanya was the next best thing?!"

Little did you all know that Nicki loves Tanya Tucker too! She knows most of her songs word by word.

The day came for Nicki to sing the anthems, it was a beautiful day. Her uncle and two cousins were visiting from California, so they do not get to hear her sing often.

Here she is singing The Canadian Anthem:

And here she is singing the U.S. Anthem:

After Nicki sang we enjoyed the horse events, and then had a great time watching Tanya Tucker perform. Nicki was given meet and greet passes...I cannot even tell you how excited she was when she heard the news that she was going to MEET Tanya Tucker.

After the concert we met Karen at our "pre-planned meeting place" and headed backstage. Once there we were told that she would be very quick, and that she will not be doing any autographs. Nicki said, "Who cares! I get to meet her!" We were last in line and the time finally came. Nicki walked up and a quick picture was taken. Tanya said to Nicki, "Were you the one singing the anthems tonight?" Nicki turned a bit shy and said yes. Then Tanya told her, "It sure sounded good.Not too many kids have a voice like that!" Nicki then told her, "I have sang your song, San Antonio Stroll a few times at different events. I love that song!" Imagine Nicki's face when Tanya said to her, "Well, sing it for me!"

Nicki's eyes started to fill with tears, and she did what any 12 year old would do...She Sang. It was a beautiful thing. Watching my daughter, star-struck, sing for Tanya Tucker. Towards the end, Tanya joined her in the song and they finished it together.

She was told she did a great job. Somewhere in there it was said that Nicki would like to sing on the Grand Ol' Opry one day. To which Tanya replied, "Well, when you get there, you just step up on that stage, take that microphone, and SING. Don't ever let anybody tell you no. Nobody is going to stop you. You own it and let it be yours. You can do it if you want it bad enough."

Nicki was pretty much at a loss for words by this point. We said our thank you's and Tanya hugged her once more. Although she was told Tanya wasn't doing autographs, Nicki's cute self won, as she asked Tanya, "Will you please sign my hat?!" Tanya said, "Of course...I think you saved this spot right here, just for me!" She then signed her name right smack in the middle of Nicki's cowboy hat.

We said goodbye, and as we walked away, I heard my daughter say, "This is the best night EVER! I cannot believe that just happened to me!"
I have to say, I think every child should be able to feel that special at least once in their life. My daughter loves her music, and loves to sing. She is just an average farm kid, and there is nothing out of the ordinary about her. We don't know if she has what it takes to get to the Grand Ol' Opry...but the best part is, that night, she got the confirmation that she could do anything she sets her mind to.
If I had the chance to thank Tanya Tucker, I would. For allowing my daughter to experience something so big...for as that night, my 12 year old...was on top of the moon.
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Jenny said...

Oh Jimi! This is soooo cool! I'm so happy Tanya got to meet your sweet Nicki, too. I can't get the video clips to load, though. Grrrr.

Baba said...

Jimi, I was trying to find a way to get in touch with you and totally forgot about your blog! I don't blog much anymore and forget to check the blogs I follow.

The house looks fantastic and Nicki never ceases to amaze me with her talent and ambition. I can't believe that she got to meet Tanya Tucker - she is one of my all-time favorite country singers.

I wanted to get in contact with you to invite you to check out - it's new message-type-board for women in agriculture. I thought you might enjoy it.

Terri Steffes said...

JIMI!! How totally awesome!!

pedro luzograal said...

Putugal e uma merda 100%...bacaladitos va foder seus mais! PUTUGAL IS A PIECE OF SHIT COUNTRY WITH PIECE OF SHIT DAYDREAMERS!!!!

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